Written by Orangeswing

16 Mar 2015

got the couples together at Jean's beach cottage. We enjoyed cocktails, then a light salad lunch.

This was very good, getting all in the same room and same space. We hadn't done that in a long while where the whole group was together at the same time.

Some music and dancing afterwards. As the cocktails flowed, body contact got more erotic and only when I realised wyfie, Jean and Stephane were absent from the room did I realise it was game on. A little visit to Jean's bedroom and there, Stephane had wyfie's head propped up with a conti-pillow, was straddling her chest and teasing her mouth with his cock. Jean had his face in her sexy mound, her legs resting over either of his shoulders. His tongue lapping, sucking and probing her sex. She was moaning but that got muffled by Stephane exploring her mouth, then her throat with his cock.

Around then, Stephane's wife Claudine, came up behind me, and brought her hands around me and began unzipping me and began to stroke my cock. " She loves their cocks doesn't she?", Claudine whispered to me. I didn't speak, but I held her face against mine and caressed her ass by running my left hand behind her. At the same time we heard moans and grunts from the living room. Walking back there, Eric's wife Celine was 69 over Jean's wife Karine. Eric was fucking his wife's pussy and then putting his wet pussy tasting dick into Karine's mouth. Karine was eager and rose her head to suck his cock. Then he pressed it into his wife while Karine flicked her clit.

Around then I became aware that Claudine had my cock in her mouth and was on her knee's in front of me. I held her head and fucked it slowly, then widthdrew a bit before commanding her to squeeze my balls. I offloaded into her mouth and used the cock to drive it down into her throat, making sure my seed went to her belly. Then I picked her up and laid her on her back on the couch, got between her legs and sucked her to orgasm, just in time for Eric to come over and replace my tongue with his cock...He fucked her pussy, I fingered her asshole. Karine licked her breasts and Eric's wife Celine straddled Claudine's mouth. We got her to orgasm while using her. When Eric arched his back, Karine reached around and squeezed his balls so his sperm went all the way home inside Claudine.

Later Eric went to the room and sent Stephane back. Jean never left wyfie.....he fucked her and came everywhere possible inside her.....

She slept all the way home as I drove.....I occasionally ran my hand inbetween her legs, so much semen there. Once home, we showered together. Loved running my hand over her pregnant bulge.... **grin**