04 Apr 2019

Ive been chatting to a client of mine for a while now but we never really took it further.. but yesterday all of this changed.. as we were chattin in the morning she mentioned it was her day of from work, so I suggested she invite me over for coffee, at first she was scared as she had the maid there and the maids husband works for her husband, so what would she tell her husband if he happened to find out? I suggested I come over in my profesional capacity and do a free check on her security system. She liked the idea and so I went over, as I got there I could feel the chemistry as she maid me coffee and we went to sit outside and drink it, while the maid was cleaning. After a hour and two or 3 cups of coffee we were already flirting non stop and things were heating up in more than one way. As she got up to get us some water from the fridge I followed her and decided to close the deal. I stopped her on the way back and started kissing her. This drive us both insane as she started rubbing my cock through my pants as I worked my way into her pants, feeling her warm wet pussy on my fingers. All of a sudden the maid came from one of the rooms and we had to jump away from each other. By this time we both knew we wanted to fuck. She suggested that she wants to show me something in the garage and I followed her. As we entered she moved quickly around the corner and pulled her pants down. Needless to say I was in her in a flash. My rock hard cock pounding her from behind, I could hear her moans and feel her pussy drip all over my cock. I just couldnt hold out anymore as I felt my throbbing cock start to explode inside her, with one big moan from the both of us as we both came. We went back to the house, she had a smoke and we said our goodbyes, making a promise that we will do this again when the house is empty and the need to rush things arent there..