Written by surferbabe

28 May 2014

Ill keep this one short, wehad no intentions just drinks maybe a dance then home, but one drink turned into many as my bf friends kept him busy most evening i turned my attention to one and lured him away for a dance, he was sweet and we enjoyed a few songs out of no were he grabs my ass and pulls me closer gave me kiss on the lips and whispered in my ear how damn sexy i am and how he wished i was single, it does turn me on being complimented like that so without thinking i took his hand and lead the way upstairs " the mellow part of the club" i noticed my bf still caught up with the crowd, as we got upstairs i kept grip of him and walked straight to the female bathroom, at the door he asked what are you doing i just said i need to go "twinkle" and pulled him into the doorway he then just followed me into the cubicle,

inside i pulled my shirt right off and he stood there frozen i told him "Jack" weve known each other for years and in those 5-7 years never seen you with a girl , let me give you a treat, he was so confused he just stood there complementing my tits i knelt down infront of him loosened his jeans , he then found his way and fondled my tits while i gave him a bj......

while busy i heard thee giggles and as we looked up another friend of ours obviously followed us and was busy reckording the whole seen from over the bathroom wall from the toilet nextdoor, we told him to stop but tippically was only interested if i did the same for him.

offcourse i was so horny by know and invited him straight in. to cut to the chase as i prepared to work my charm on "Dave" i told "jack" to fuck me from behind

with nooo second thoughts he agreed, i bent over and started sucking on Dave, and jack pounded me from behind it took me no time to reach a orgasm and as i did Jack pulled out and shot his load all over my back, as he moaned dave released in my mouth..... uhggg not my favourite thing but realised afterwards dave not being a smoker did taste so different than guys that do smoke...

so quickly we returned to the club downstairs with fresh drinks pretending nothing has happened

my bf still in the same place as before... welcomed me back asking if i enjoyed the dance floor i agreed and nodded he came closer kissed me and as he retracted he had a expression on his face of WTF is that smell!!! i smiled at him and said

i just had a "blowjob shooter" and winked at him, gosh he says they really know how to poor those!!!

later that night i told him what happened, he was not pissed at me and said yeah dave sent me the video clip right after it happened ......