Written by Funlovingpeopl2 (Mrs)

23 Oct 2016

This happened 3 months ago...

At 4pm, my hubby starts pestering me and asking if I am going out tonight to “look for fun” as he calls it. I have already arranged to meet a friend out but wind him up by saying I am undecided. At 6 I jump in the bath for a nice relaxing bath with a glass of wine.

At 7, with hubby following me around like a lapdog, I tell him that yes, I am going soon and not to wait up.

After getting ready in a nice knee length black dress that shows a bit of cleavage and some make-up and high heels, I set off to the bar to meet my friend. She is already at the bar and well on the way to having an early night; she had been drinking since 4!

It’s early and the bar is quiet. No one of interest around so I make small talk with a few people I know and sit waiting for my early night when I have to take my friend home.

At 9.30, with my friend barely able to keep her head up, in walk three young guys, probably around 25 years old and all looking in good shape. Maybe things are looking up!

My friend decided she needs to go so I tell her one more. The guys sit near us and ask if she is ok to which I just said, “she’s a bit drunk and needs to go home. One of the guys asks if he can run her home and she leaves, leaving me in a fairly empty bar with two young guys. The small talk is just that and soon the good Samaritan returns saying that he got her home safely.

We continue small talk for quite a while until one of the guys starts to make a few suggestive comments. I respond in a slightly flirty manner and the other two start as well. Pretty soon, the talk is highly suggestive! I get asked by one what my plans for the evening are and I said none really, just a good time and they asked what I meant. I told them I was out for a fun time with a guy if possible. One of them said, “what about three guys?” and I told them I had not considered the possibility but was tempted.

I told them we have a small bar at the house if they wanted to come round later for a drink. They said “what about now?”

I texted hubby and told him the plan. The three guys were coming and the spare guest room might get an airing! He said he would get out the way and let them get on with whatever but I could tell he was excited.

Anyway, we finished our drinks and all jumped in a car to go back to my house. I sat in the front knowing that in the back I would not get out of the car. When we got to my house, we went in to the bar and I offered them a drink. Brandy and cokes all round and then I went to sit in the middle of them all on bar stools.

The small talk was a bit stilted like they were a bit unsure but very soon turned to a bit of heavy flirting. As soon as the flirting started I felt a hand on my knee. This was followed very soon after by one rubbing my shoulder. The third guy just leant over and started to kiss me. That was the signal. Hands immediately started to grope me. My boobs were released from my dress and sucked and played with and hands went into my knickers to play with me. I was kissed repeatedly. I had to stop them and tell them to get in the spare room where there is a bed. It’s far more comfortable than a bar stool! Once in the room, my clothes were removed and unceremoniously thrown all over the place. They started to strip too and 3 nice young fit naked bodies were there for me. I laid back and one guy put his cock into my mouth. I sucked him slowly at first then faster. There was one between my legs giving me a good licking and the third alternated between my boobs and my lips with his mouth. The guy I was sucking stopped me and swapped places with the guy that was licking me. He licked me for about 10 minutes making me cum several times before I felt him stop then start easing his cock into me. The other two were swapping between me sucking and them sucking my boobs.

I could feel myself about to squirt and told him I was going to. They all stopped and I had to beg the guy to keep fucking me or it wouldn’t happen. He fucked me hard and deep and I came and squirted all over him which was too much and he came inside me.

The other two both wanted some of that and one almost pushed the one in me out the way so he could take his place. When I start squirting, I usually squirt a lot and over and over. This was no different. I think I squirted on the second guy twice before he came in me too.

The third guy didn’t wait and just slipped right into me. I was soaked and there was cum everywhere from me and them. He lasted only a minute or two then cum inside me also. The three of them then got dressed, kissed me and I showed them out in a robe.

Feeling pretty sated, I thought I would just go clean up in the spare room before going to see hubby and to give myself a little break. I went into the room that was stinking of sex and there waiting for me was hubby having heard them leave.

He took off the robe and laid me down and went straight down and licked me for ages. I squirted on him a few times and then he got in me and after a short time, added his cum to whatever he had missed inside me.