03 May 2017

This is a true story in two parts that took place a while back

It was a cold typical Johannesburg Saturday winter night, I had been lazing at home when a friend called asking what my Saturday plans were, and since I didn’t have any she invited me for a drink with a couple of friends at the Hilton in Sandton. I made my way there and upon arrival she took me to the side to tell me that she had invited me over as one of the ‘friends’ was a guy she worked with who had been on the same course at The Hilton and she felt uncomfortable with the way that he was hitting on her, so bingo I was called in as a ‘cock-block’, I dint mind and in no time we were all having great laughs and her pursuer let off a bit probably thinking that I was her boyfriend. We were later joined by a couple of fun American guys who were in JHB for work. As the drinks flowed and the talk and laughter became louder I decided to go outside and brave the cold for a smoke, unfortunately I was the lone smoker in our group which had grown to between ten and twelve. As I made my way to the outside smoking area I noticed a striking lady perhaps in her forties with long blonde hair sitting by herself at the bar, but made no meal of it but proceeded to have my cigarette outside.

A few minute later while finishing my second cigarette I heard someone approach from behind it was the lady from the bar, who had just lit up a cigarette and was standing close to me. She proceeded to greet and make small talk about cold it was and how inconsiderate restaurants were becoming. Her distinctive accent intrigued me and I couldn’t make out whether it was Dutch or German, all I knew was it was definitely not South African. I then asked her where she was from and with a naughty look on her face she asked me to guess and that set off a conversation about her origins, why she was in SA and how she found it etc. Incidentally it turned out that she was from The Netherlands and was in South Africa en route Lesotho where she was going to work for a week, and coincidentally it tuned out that we worked in the same industry albeit in different countries.

After a couple more cigarettes we headed back inside to the bar area and I asked her if she wanted to join my group of friends to which she politely declined saying she had already had a long day and was going to finish her drink and go upstairs to her room. As we bid our farewells I asked her what her plans were from Sunday and she intimated that this being her first time in South Africa she would like to go and see some of the attractions such as The Apartheid Museum, to which I offered to take her around to and maybe possibly take her to Soweto to get an authentic South African experience, and she accepted the offer and gave me her business card and asked me to meet her at the Hotel lobby the next day after breakfast.

She then left and I carried on with my mates before also deciding to go home.


I woke up early on Sunday exited at the prospect of spending the day with this beautiful European lady that I had met the night before but with no real expectations per se, got ready and made my way once again to The Hilton, Sandton. I arrive at the per agreed time and found Ms D, waiting patiently for me dressed in tight blue jeans and a grey Barbour jacket, which gave her that chic European look I love. She climbed into the car next to me, and we headed to The Apartheid museum. Initially the conversation was quite innocent and light moving from our personal lives to work and other things and just as we arrived at the museum I became soft sexual where somehow we ended up talking about our sexual escapades and preferences and to my amazement we had much in common. She told me about how she enjoyed swinger clubs in Amsterdam where she is from and how the best clubs however were actually outside the city and also in Germany, seeing my interest in their swinger clubs she promised me that she would accompany me to one of the clubs the next time I was in Europe. We went into the museum and walked the full length of the exhibition and went and had a coffee in the café before heading to Soweto. As we were driving into Soweto she remarked firstly at how she found black African men so attractive and how she had always wanted to be with a black African man, wow I thought to myself here is a woman I met last night who is so attractive and intelligent practically telling me that she wants to fuck, I was taken aback and could not even muster a word back, she sensed this and jokingly put her hand on my knee and commented that I shouldn’t worry she knows what’s going on in my head, and that she thought that I would be a hit with the ladies in Amsterdam. She also told me of her friend who we will call Betsy, and how the two of them enjoy MMF encounters and that she could already imagine, myself, her and Betsy together. More of an incentive to go to Amsterdam I thought to myself.

We got to Soweto, and I parked the car closer to Hector Peterson museum with the intention that we would walk to the museum and then head to Vilakazi Street for lunch and drinks thereafter. As we walked the street she causally grabbed my hand and put her head to my shoulder, while it felt good I could feel the stares everywhere, people looking at this stunning middle aged white European woman with her younger black lover, but I didn’t mind and neither did she. We finished off with the museums and went through to Sakhumzis and had lunch and drinks and good chats and laughs and as it became darker she intimated that we should make a move as she had an early morning flight.

We arrived back at the hotel, and for a second it felt quite awkward not knowing what would be next, she asked me to park the car and then turned around and passionately gave me a big kiss with her hand on my crotch, and yes I had developed quite a massive erection, before whispering into my ear to meet me at her room in five minutes. She got out the car and five minutes later I received a sms with the said room number and thereafter proceeded to enter the lift to her room. I arrived on the seventh floor and knocked on the door, and the sight that stood in front of me was spectacular. She stood there completely naked, her medium sized boobs with perky nipples not looking like they belong to a forty year old and her strong cyclists legs were the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. She pulled me into the room and right at the entrance she went on her knees simultaneously pulling my jean and underwear down before stopping and inspecting my now rock hard black cock and without saying a word my cock was in her mouth and she was bobbing her head up and down on my cock and it felt really good. While she was going at my cock I took my shirt off, and after a while lifted her up to her legs and grabbed her from under her thighs and carried her to the bed and told her that it was now my turn. I lay her on her back on the bed and her legs opened up giving me full view and access to her pussy which was clean shaven bar the small triangle of pussy hair on her pubic bone, I then went on my kneed with her on the edge of the bed and tasted her pussy which was already dripping and she let out a series of moans before pulling me up by the head, putting a condom in my hand and telling me to fuck her hard, she told me that she wanted that black cock in her pussy, her directness and accented voice just multiplied the extent of my hornyness and I did as directed and slowly entered here pussy. She moaned as the tip of my cock went inside her and whispered slow down I have never had such a big cock before…..I fucked her pussy for a while before she asked me to fuck her in the ass and we continued to fuck for the rest of the night before falling asleep late that morning it was an experience to remember

We got up the next morning in a rush with her needing to catch her flight and me needing to get home shower and go to work, and bid each other farewell with the understanding that we would meet next when I was in Europe, I had a scheduled trip to London in the next month and already was thinking of a Amsterdam detour. Later in the day she sent me a message telling me that as a result of an attempted coup in Lesotho she had been advised not to go but to stay in South Africa, she also asked me if I knew of another smaller boutique hotel that she could stay at for the next four days as she didn’t like The Hilton, I told her not to worry that she could stay at a hotel close to my office in Illovo needless to say she stayed in Joburg for another four days, by the time she left I was exhausted from having so much sex

The next story is about my visit to Amsterdam….