Written by HornyPeter

10 Feb 2012

I had forever fantasised about swinging and desperately hoped I could somehow get my wife to become interested. The sharing of fanasies became part of our lovemaking routine over many years. But fantasies they remained. So one weekend away with another couple, I dared relay to her that the guy had indicated his desire to fuck her. This intensely excited her but alas she was not going to take the proverbial dive.

Many more months passed but now the "realness" that she could actually fuck another guy while I watched evidently began to increasingly dominate her fantasies. I sensed the nearing of realisig my fantasy. Said friend was visiting with us one Saturday evening as was usual every once in a while. We had a few drinks, did the braai-thing and watched a little TV. The evening was beginning to come to a natural end as we had coffee. I have no idea what had triggered it in me, but I suddenly exclaimed that the evening need not end and; I still don't believe I did; I suggested we watch a porn movie. It was sort of in a joke, like "...any takers for a porn movie..ha ha!". The response rocked my world. I forget who responded first but I distinctly remember her saying something like "Why not?!"

He went to pour us drinks and I inserted the video tape. The initial awkward silence, as the movie started, was broken when she got up to fetch a blanket...for no apparent other reason than it was actually quite cold. She brought back two. One for him and one for the two of us. He however didn't need one.

We watched the movie in dead slience. After a while she and I started playing with each other under the blanket. Can't remember if it was 2 or 10 minutes, but the next moment he suddenly got up and sat himself next to her, saying he was cold and wanted to share our blanket. There we were, I to her left and he on her right...all three under the blanket.

To this day I'm not sure whether he first started stroking her leg or whether it was the other way around. I think it was the former. I remember him whispering something to her and she feeling embarrassed. He then turned to me and asked: "Pete may your wife stroke my cock". She looked at me wide eyed as I said: "with all my love". She gasped as she felt his particularly large cock. The playing escalated. We were stroking her tits, gently stroking her pussy as she was feeling us up. It went on for about 5 minutes when it was she who could no longer contain herself and said: "I can't contain myself any longer..let's go to the bedroom!" She jumped up, grabbed us by our hands and lead us to the bedroom. Clothes were flying off on the way there. She threw herself down on the bed and took his large cock deep inside her. My cock was in her mouth. When he came...I remember it as rather quickly...we changed positions. I missionary fucked her while she sucked him off!

She orgasmed three times that night. I came twice. We were in heavan! And so started our adventurous alternative life style. We have experimented with all sorts of things since. But more of that another time.....