Written by bornready4fun

05 Apr 2013

Being experimental as you all know us by now, I decided to give anal another try. First time wasn’t very successful cause Dee is just way too big, one thing I have learned this ain't a thing that you ever try with anybody else than your partner. Trust is off the most important things in being experimental. So Monday holiday arrives, and the morning we tried to have a quicky which didn’t work because the kids walked in on us. Late afternoon we had a nap according to the kids but boy o boy sleep was the last thing on our minds. We had an amazing session and he def made sure that I had mind blowing orgasms which always makes me more hornier than not having sex at all. Later that evening while I was laying in bath and Dee and kids were playing on our bed.

I love teasing so I started sending him naughty sms because I'm very into making sure to keep our sex life’s very interesting, and he loves to be kinky and do things otherwise and what I wouldn’t expect. We both feel that any relationship needs hard work and if you put effort into your sex life you will be rewarded 10000000000000% and then everyday with a loved one is amazing and one stays in love and everyday is a wonder.

So finally we agreed on trying anal once kids were off to bed. Making sure that everything is super clean because I’m into the medical field so this is properly for me the most important aspect and also the biggest barrier for me regarding anal.

We started playing and not before long Dee was going to town working on my pussy. One thing that really makes me super horny and wet is a man that knows how to eat this mango………………………… and boy does he know. After sometime I started orgasming and convulsing over and over again feeling my juices gush into his mouth, and he loves this, so after I start Cumming he just eats so much harder causing me to convulse into one orgasm on top of the other. He then started finger fucking me entering more and more fingers till finally he had his whole hand inside me and then just lightly nibbling on my clit causing me to squirt all over his hand while he lubricates everything. I don’t believe in using drugs for sex but recently someone told me that normal poppers bought at a sex shop makes those sphincter muscle relax so makes anal better and less painful so off course I used them ………. Other than ears that flushed and awesome intense orgasms it was well worth it.

Dee entered my pussy with his rock hard cock ramming me deep and hard making sure that I at least had about 5 orgasms again and then he started playing with my ass which off course is very tight and a finger feels like a mountain. Still he concentrated on stimulating my clit too and attention on my pussy too this ensured that I started to relax and enjoy the moment.

When he pushed his enormous beautiful cock inside my tight butt hole it was sooooooooooooooo intense and very painful and I gasped for air, he just kept rigidly still until I got accustomed to the feeling but after a few seconds it was just way to painful for me and he pulled out again and kept on playing with my pussy and making me cry out with joy.

Once he felt I was ready again we changed position and I lay on my side and he entered me in scissor position and I love this position sooooooooooooooo much because I just love the way he enters me so deep. We tried anal again and this time the pain was def less and he could enter me much deeper. Now it started feeling better and I could hold it out for a few minutes while he rammed his cock slowly and deeply into me until I couldn’t hold it any longer

We decided to take a smoke break and lay next to one another while we still caressed one another. After the smoke I started sucking on him…… fuck my man always taste great and I love the way he react and the sounds he makes. This makes me so horny and not before long I moved into doggy position and he rammed me deep and hard and after another few mind blowing orgasms he slowly enters my but whole again and this time I could hold it only for a few seconds because it just felt tooo intense and anguishing painful. We decided to rather try it again in the scissor position because it just felt better. When we positioned our bodies correctly he entered me slowly and this time it really felt much nicer. After a few minutes I actually started enjoying it while he still played with my clit and could feel I’m getting close to an orgasm and I told him if he wants to cumm like this he will have to speed things up cause I’m very close…………….. off course I didn’t need to tell him twice and within minutes I felt him ramming my ass hard and deep and seeing his body stiffens as his getting close to explode. Wow wow wow what an amazing feeling when he shot his load deep inside me causing me to spiral into an mind-blowing orgasm ……………..fuck the aftershocks was just sooooooooooooooo intense and I feel him collapsing on top of me, breathless, spent, satisfied.

Off course afterwards we went straight back to taking a bath and cleaning everything up and relaxing while we catch our breaths. Luckily Dee said to me that it was so intense but he prefers the pussy by far. Jippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Cause I felt the same way.

Will we do it again …………… for sure it’s weird yet amazing ………….. Will we get addicted to it ……….. No never….. Enjoying his cock in my pussy just so much more rewarding and amazing