Written by redbruce

19 Sep 2013

This was originally posted on the Dogging Forum, but I am re-posting here where more folks are likely to read it...

Wow! Have just had a most enjoyable few hours at the park at Emmarentia Dam!! I went there to check the place out, having been told by a few folk that I chat with that there is often action there...

Parked at the North parking, and started walking, carrying my binocs and birdbook, heading up towards the quiet area below Marks Park. Passed a few couples just sitting or lying around, but not looking like anything was going on. Also a few people around, walking their dogs. Got to a quieter area, walking along a small path, and passed a young couple sitting on a blanket in the shade of some bushes right next to the path, fully clothed but obviously enjoying each other's company, kissing and hugging, empty wine bottle next to them, another opened one close by. I greeted them as I walked by, they smiled back and said Hi. I walked on a short distance, then ducked behind a tree and watched them for a bit.

They soon changed position, lying next to each other, and he was caressing her bum (she wearing a very short skirt and bright orange panties). Next I see the panties being slipped down and off, she knelt over him, he entered her, and she started to rock and roll. I walked back towards them, initially keeping as out of sight as possible, then walked right up to them and stopped. He had already climaxed, and they were just lying in bliss, she still on top with him inside her. She looked up and saw me, and smiled a very embarrassed smile, and said - "I guess you bust us!". I explained that I just wanted to watch them...

She got off and picked up her panties and slowly pulled them on, while he removed and ditched the condom, and pulled his pants up from around his knees. They offered me some of the wine, and I sat down and we started chatting, with every now and then a flash of bright orange to keep my interest up! She was very outgoing and talkative. So they had come there today with the specific intention of having sex out in public for the first time - her idea!! (They had both taken a "sickie" off work in order to have a quiet day to themselves). They had previously done the "sex in the car", and also a quickie under the stairs, but this was their (planned) first time "out in the open", intentionally taking things to a higher level!

They were not unhappy that I had been watching them, but they had not intended for it to be a public display, she was supposed to have been keeping a look out! She kept saying she was embarrassed, although he was quite pleased. He lamented the fact that he had "come so quickly", leaving her unsatisfied. We spoke about them "doing it again", as she had not climaxed, and he was keen to do it, but she decided she couldn't with me right there. I tried to convince her that the next level would be doing it "in the open, with someone watching", but she said she just felt too uncomfortable.

After chatting for probably an hour, I realised they weren't going to do it if I was sitting right there, so told them I was going to move on. He wished me luck in finding others to watch, and moved around the bush to have a pee. She said she wanted to give me a hug, and as we hugged I whispered to her - "do it again, you know he wants to!". She gave me a naughty smile and a nod and a quick kiss, and I walked off.

I moved a short distance away, and again moved out of sight behind a bush. I looked back, and there she was sitting on his lap, kissing. Next thing she reached behind and moved her orange panties to one side, helped him to enter her, and started rocking again! (didn't take them long to get going again once I left!) Then she obviously got concerned they might get "bust" again, and she hopped off. They picked up the blanket, and moved deeper among the trees, but to a position where I could still see them clearly. They laid the blanket down, he took off his shorts this time and lay down, and once again she got on board. After a while she got up and took off her panties, stood and bent forward so he could enter her from behind. When he finished, she turned and waved in my direction, they dressed again and moved back to their original position sitting next to the path!

So she was obviously aware that I was still watching, but just wanted a bit of "comfort distance" between us in order to feel more comfortable.

Has anyone else had good experiences (similar, or better?) at Emmarentia? I was there between 1 and 3pm. When is likely to be the best time to encounter action like this again? I figure I was quite lucky choosing the right couple to watch!