Written by artsmart

25 May 2016

That couch had been with us ever since we’d met. A two seater, it was as comfy as a couch could get and when in need, would double up as a bed for two. It was on one particular evening after dinner that we sat together on our comfy little couch, just enjoying each other’s company. The odd word here and there was all that was needed. Both of us tuned into the finer electrical current that played between us. At a certain point in our feeling conversation, she turned to me and said that she had been to the beautician that day and that she had a surprise for me. I loved little surprises especially erotic ones, but who knew what she had up her sleeve tonight. She had a playful tone to her voice, enticing to say the least. I lent over toward her, catching a whiff of her scent on the way. I was sure that it smelled more than her usual body odor. Her scent stirred my loins. A distinct movement because she knew that something was on the way that she slid herself down slowly so that her jeans cut into her crotch producing a shape that I loved. I said nothing while I slid my hand across her thigh and brought my index finger to lightly press up against the puffiness that her jeans were making. I glanced down and caught the sight of what was happening to her jeans. They were pulling right up into that crack as she nestled her tight ass into the couch.

We had met at a trance dance a few years back, and she had been wearing a pair of tracksuit pants that hugged her bulging pussy lips, forming a distinct shape. Her camel toe had called me from across the room and after an hour of dancing she was fucking my thigh. The fact that nobody ever saw uus cavorting with each other like that,was because we were all blindfolded. Yeh…one of those.

Now I was looking over to her, her mouth was already waiting for my lips. Her breath was hot and deep. She slid even lower down so that my hand had no choice but to spread over her hidden and protruding lips. I could feel the heat and dampness building up bellow. We kissed, she pressing her tongue into my mouth, entwining mine with hers. She brought her arm up around my back and gently pulled my shirt up. I felt her warm hand on my back. Where was she going? Now she rolled over onto her back, my hand was well over her protruding cunt and I knew what the next move would be. But she was full of surprises because it was her that unbuckled her own belt, undid the button of her jeans and pulled her zipper down. Now it was my turn. Grabbing both sides of her jeans I tugged while she, simultaneously, raised her hips just enough for her jeans to slide off. I pulled then half way down her thighs before pausing to take a look. She knew how excited she would get me by allowing me a moment to savor her shape. She was wearing a tiny light pink cotton G-string. Already soft to the touch and stretchy, it held her lips in a way as to let the folds of cotton pull a distinct line up between her lips. And not only this, but her panties were already showing signs of moistness. “Take off my jeans completely”, she whispered to me, “then tell me what you think”. I did just that. Standing above her she underneath me, legs up. As I yanked her jeans over her heals, she slipped one foot out at a time, giving me a good view of her wet pussy lips covered with that delectable thin cotton. Now with her jeans off she lay back and spread her legs slightly apart. Taking the sides of her G-string in both hands she pulled it up a little bit further. I could see that the usual bush of hair that she had had before, was no longer there and that in its place was a line of tuft. She had had it removed. “you took off the hair”, I said, showing off my surprise. Yes, and it had been somewhat painful...but worth it. She said that she could already feel the benefits. Greater sensitivity. I said that I did not wish to touch her there directly for now, seeing that it might still be painful. And then the inevitable occurred to me. “But I’ll touch you with my tongue” I said, “because it may still be a bit sensitive there”. “It is, darling” she said, “I love it the way that you touch me”. I bent over and kissed her belly button. Circling it with my tongue. When I came up from that, she had unbuttoned her blouse, taken off her brazier and was touching her nipples. I cupped one breast in my hand while my other hand lightly stroked the inside of her thigh. I felt her opening her legs to receive the touch. My mouth circled her now erect nipple while she toyed with the other one. I went from nipple to nipple, like this, gently massaging her breasts in the process. By now she was moaning, every now and then saying how much she loved the way I touched her. At a certain point I slipped down between her legs, taking up a position where I could get intimate with her pussy. Continuing to stroke her thighs and then running my hands over her stomach sending signals to the outer reaches of her clitoris. I pushed on the pubic mound and massaged it while my tongue began exploring her cotton covered labia. I could taste her sweetness mixed with the taste of cotton. She in turn pulled her panties aside. I watched how she pulled it across her pouting lips, opening them up in the process. There was a distinct thread of slippery pale wetness that had attached itself between her panties and her by now aroused labia. I came straight in for the catch, bringing the full width of my tongue to rest between thigh and labia. For a moment I held it there, pressing onto the area before licking upward. “I want these panties right off”, she whispered intensely. No problem, I could’ve enjoyed that a bit longer myself, but this had always been mutual so we went in that direction. Again she lifted her hips up while I slipped her soaked panties off. There was a lot of wetness by now and her panties were well creamed with her own juiciness. As her panties came off, I glanced at her face. Her eyes were closed. “Oh my god”, she gasped, “this is sooo good”. Hell, yeh, this was fucking awesome.

Panties off and tossed aside, this naked goddess lay spread in front of me, beckoning me to enjoy her dripping ecstasy. While she toyed her nipples, I put my tongue up against her two lips and slowly pressed it forward. They parted, allowing me to slide into her depths. Opening my mouth I ate and sucked her juice while she gasped with pleasure. Reaching up behind her, I grabbed both her buttocks in my hands and groped them. She pulled her legs up in response. I knew what she wanted leaving it for a moment and coming up to kiss her on the mouth. I did just that, keeping my hands firmly on her buttocks. She met my mouth. We kissed and I felt her groping for my penis. Once she had it she guided it toward her waiting cavern. Thrusting her hips upward to meet heaven. I resisted by only meeting her half way, lingering my throbbing head just inside and beyond her wanting lips. I could feel her cunt sucking me in, and yet I resisted. We kissed. Tongues entwined until in one spontaneous movement I drove my cock into her abyss. I could feel her wet cunt squirting all around me and her inner muscles pushing up against my shaft. Her pussy knew how to eat me. I pulled out…right out before plunging back in again. Two small thrusts and one deep long one. Enough to make her back arch and let out a shout. I did this a few more times before bringing my fingers in to play her slippery clit. She yelled as she fucked me hard until I felt her orgasmic contractions deep inside and her body shudder. After this I slowed down. Pulling out, I came down between her sweating thighs and licked our juice. After a while she whispered “now I want to do you”. I had almost forgotten about that. I rolled over and she slid over my chest. Fingering my nipples she began sucking on them. She knew how much I loved this. Then she took my cock in her hand and began playing with it. Her juice was still intact and made for a particular kind of slipperiness. She then climbed over me for a 69, spreading her legs over my face so that her gouged pussy could dangle on my lips. Gently rocking her hips to and fro, she let me move my tongue up against her dripping fleshiness, while she took my penis in her mouth. From this angle I could rub her buttocks and give the occasional slap. Every time I slapped her butt , she would moan and bring her cunt down over my face so that my tongue could reach up and push on her clit. She sucked me like this until my cock exploded with orgasmic force.