22 Aug 2016

Let me start off with some background to this story. There was a couple on this site that placed an ad for a guy to come and give them a massage, first him and then her.... And if it goes well we go with the flow of the evening. I replied to the ad and was invited after a few mails and sharing some pictures as well as their thoughts about the massage. Just ti put it out there, I said that I am not going to massage him but am willing to massage her, and it was so agreed.

So, last week it was the second time that I was approached by the same couple to come and give Janine a massage. I agreed to a time and day and off I went to their house. Last time there was some champagne in the room and we relaxed whilst sipping on that. This time as they are in the process of moving, we shared a whiskey, the lights were dimmed, the towel was lying on the bed and Janine had a shower already. She had only a gown on that was not completely tied and hence her lovely full breasts were visible from where I was sitting.

After a few sips of Chivas Regal, she lied down on her tummy, with a small black g-string on. I was told to change before I came into the room and was told to only wear a small towel, which I did.

I started off with a neck and shoulder massage, moving down her spine to just above her ass. It is one hell of a sexy ass as well I may add. I spend enough time on this as she felt really tense. I then proceeded to also massage her arms and hands. Proceeding down to her legs was the next step.... and of course trying to get to her thighs she slightly parted her legs so that I could get right up. Her g-string was getting in the way so I gently took it off. Of course her legs spread even more, exposing her smooth shaven pussy. As I massaged the inside of her thighs, she parted her legs even more, now exposing her very moist pussy for me to see. I brushed over it a few times as to heighten the senses in anticipation for me touching her more. Every time I brushed over her pussy, she lifted her hips so as to ask for me to touch more and more, and of course for me to push my hand in underneath her hips. Of course I obliged and by now her pussy lips had even parted a bit. I could feel that she was pretty wet and inserted my finger gently into her pussy.

After dong this a few times I asked her to turn around. I was greeted with erect nipples and a sexy body with a freshly smooth and shaven pussy.

I applied some more oil onto my hands and stood at the top of her body, with my now hard cock just above her face, but still covered with the towel around me. I started off with again a neck massage and soon followed this with a breast massage. By now her nipples were so hard. Of course I had to bend over to reach her breasts and of course this position made by hips to be just above her face. She decided to take off the towel and my cock was pretty much erect now as well. She started playing with me.... and every timer I stretched to get further down to reach her tummy ... she licked my cock.

I moved around to the other side of the bed and started massaging her legs and again as I got higher up her leg, she spread her legs for me to get high up on her thighs ... again brushing past and over her pussy. I could see after a while that she wanted me to give more attention to her pussy. Of course I again obliged with this and started to give her a Tantric massage.... taking her emotional horny levels up and down. I stopped just before she climaxed a few times ... until she was almost begging with her pushing her hips against my hand to make her climax..... which she did with an arching back eventually ....

Riaan then stood up, and he went to stand at the side of the bed where her head was. She turned over to give him a BJ, and asked me to fuck her from behind, which I did!!

She then asked us to lie side by side on the bed and she started having fun with us both. Whilst he was fucking her she lend over to kiss me ... and vice versa.

Eventually she climbed on top of me and rode me like no tomorrow.... I eventually came... and she smiled...

After my shower, all three of us sat in the room whilst having the last bit of our whiskey. When that was finished I excused myself ... she gave me a hug and whispered in my ear ... “Thanks, that was amazing, until next time”