Written by jhb_guy

07 Jul 2014

I'm in Cape Town for work with a colleague,really sexy girl. (Lets call her D) My best female friend(lets call her H)lives in cape town. So that night the 3of us went for dinner then to club. At the club the girls started kissing each other,and fingering each while we were dancing, then they kissed me. It felt amazing, most of the guys in that club wanted to be me.

Later we went back to our hotel, where i helped the girls up to our unit, they were drunk and H threw up at the club. So i helped her get in bed. And went to shower. Then headed to my room. We were all in the same unit different rooms.

After my shower went straight to bed, i was a tad drunk too,so i didnt bother to dress. As i fell asleep i felt someone suck my cock,as i lift my head i feel a nice warm pussy on my face. Fuck this felt great. They changed positions, D sat on my cock while H took her turn riding my face.

Then i got up & fucked D, soon as she came she just laid there, then H kissed D on her mouth, with her ass in doggy position then i did her (H)from behind.

This night by far was one of the best i have ever had.