04 Apr 2017

I have been on this site for awhile now but i am not that active at times.

I saw an Ad for a couple looking for a single gent. I thought whats the use to respond as there are so many guys on here, and im sure they all respond and some who might be genuine get overshadowed by the bad ones on here. But none the less i messaged them a decent descriptive message. They replied and We chatted for abit over a week and shared some pics and decided to meet up at a bar /cocktail lounge that they had known.

I am 28, He was 46 and she was 44. I got there and they messaged me to say they were sitting in the corner of the bar on a couch. I was quite nervous, but excited at the same time.

We greeted and sat down an he asked what i wanted to drink and walked off to the bar. We chatted an got along well and hubby arrived with the drinks. We spent about 2 hours there, a few drinks and shots later and she leant over to me and placed her hand gently on my cock as if she never meant to, and whispered " If u want to come have fun, we can go back to our place? "

I happily agreed as we all got along pretty well. I had arrived at the bar in an Uber as i knew we going for drinks. So i left with them, but when i politely offered to sit in the back seat, she got int the back with me and jokingly told her hubby that he is taxi.

There place was 5min away, and at this point I have not yet kissed or seen anything yet but my cock was rock hard. The excitement was crazy. She was wearing a low cut dress which showed amazing cleavage and which came just over the knees. She pulled into me and i kinda hesitated and her hubby looked in the mirror and just smiled. I gestured to him if it was ok, as i am quite respectfull. She started rubbing my cock threw my jeans and she moaned and whispered "someone is excited" . I smiled and pulled away. We arrived and went inside to the living room. We got another drink and she said she will be back. Me and hubby chatted and he asked me if i liked her and wanted to have fun. I said yes and he left the room for a short while and came back, but she was still away in her room. She then entered the room in a g-string and lace bra. And sit on the couch opposite me with her wine and said i should get more comfortable. I underdressed into my underwear and sat back down, she def turned me on. She asked if i was hard and i said yes. She asked if she could see and i stood up, and pulled out my rock hard cock, she said" come a little closer i need a good look" . I walked over to her and she was sitting and she wrapped her hands around my cock and felt how hard it was and said " can i suck you cock" . I knodded and she gave me one amazing blowjob. By this time, hubby was rubbing her boobs and playing with her clit getting her wet. She was moaning with her lips around my cock and i was close to Cumming but held back and pulled out. I got on my knees and spread her legs. Her one leg was up on the backrest of the couch showing her clean soaking wet pussy. I started licking her pussy and put one finger in and started fingering and getting her g-spot. Her hubby came to stand next to her and she started to suck his cock. By now, i was licking and sucking her clit, fingering her spot while she was sucking hubbys cock. She pulled his cock out her mouth and said im going to cum , and man did she cum. She cummed all over my hands.

We sat down and finished our drinks we had when hubby said lets go to the room. She got onto the bed and told me " I have been waiting for that cock to be deep inside me" . I didnt need any other hints and i got ontop of her and slowly started fucking her. I started increasing and was giving her a good, deep hard fuck. She then got ontop of me and started riding me, hubby came next to her and she was playing with his cock. She got off me and got onto her knees and i started fucking her doggystyle. She was moaning as i was ramming her and she said she was going to cum, i told her to let me know when. I started fucking her harder and faster and she said "im cumming", i pulled out and blew my load onto her back.

It was a great experience, sharing this erotic experience with a couple. Will def do it again