Written by Lucky guy

04 Sep 2018

So after chatting with the couple for 2 or 3 days I get a text asking if I'm free that evening.

Thinking it's only for drinks i confirm a time and they send me the details of our meeting place .

When I got there she was the one meeting me at the gate.

Looked very sexy , nice firm boobs and very nice ass.

We go inside and I meet hubby asking me if I would like a drink.

We make small talk and while hubby gets up to get us all fresh drinks she asked me to go up stairs with her .

Getting to their room , she gets onto the bed and turns towards me and we start kissing.

I was rock hard walking behind her on the way upstairs and she wasted no time taking my cock out stroking it while still kissing .

While we were at each other kissing , stripping clothes off and feeling her wet pussy her hubby walks in and said wasting no time are you two ....

With her on her back now and me diving in deep between her legs enjoying her wet pussy , licking and sucking on her clit .

Her hubby asked if it's ok for him to feel my cock .

Not being bi or gay I said yes but not sure how I would feel about it .

Few minutes in and I feel it's more than his hand on my cock , he is on his back sucking me like I have never been sucked before ....

With her now strongly on her way to her second orgasm I ask if I could put a condom on and push deep inside this sexy pussy that is dripping wet .

We must have had about 5 turns each to cum and then decide what we want next while sipping on our drinks before going at it again .

I loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next time we get to spoil her again and again ....