Written by BigBadWolf_PTA

03 Aug 2017

On Friday night I got a call from my friend Andy. You might have a friend like Andy - he never seems to pay for his own drinks, he's only ever got a card with him if you go out for food and, despite being a generally helpless mooch, he gets invited to all the best parties and has all the best fun. If he wasn't a steady source of amusing stories I'd have released him back into the wild years ago. Andy calls because he's been invited to a party out of town and, surprise surprise, he wants me to drive him there. He claims I can be his "plus one", which he's graciously granting me because there's a woman at the part he wants to sleep with. I'm not nearly as grumpy about being his wingman as I should be - I've got no plans and I'm not drinking at the moment, so it's no big deal to go and stay sober. Since I'm not doing anything else on that Friday night, I agree.

I pick the lazy bastard up at his place and we head off into the night. My sat nav has a little trouble finding the destination, since it's out in the rural, so I drive hoping Andy has the right address. He, meanwhile, regales me of stories about the woman he's chasing. It sounds like they've actually had a conversation and he's not just stalking her, which might explain why he's so well dressed. He looks like he's serious. After a half hour of being lost in the dark, we arrive. The place is a large house, set in it's own grounds, and I'm starting to feel seriously out of place, but we park up and we're met at the door by the lady Andy is after. She is, to be perfectly jealous, stunning. Andy tips me a wink and disappears into the party, following her closely, and leaves me to my own devices. About a half an hour after that, having found the drinks and secured myself a tonic water, I get a text saying he won't be needing a ride home.

Fast work. I mooch about, people watching and trying to figure out whether I'm just going to leave quietly, when I get dragged into a conversation with a small group. Mostly, they're youngish blokes with good quality clothes and winning smiles. There are two women, though, who don't seem impressed with any of them. They're both about the same height and build, in the modest version of the Little Black Dress. One has ash blonde hair, the other is a brunette. The brunette is chatty to the point of being gobby and asks me to settle an argument. As luck would have it, I can and do. This appears to be the cue for the other blokes to drift off since Brunette has won the argument. She introduces herself as Kate and her friend is Helen. Kate and Helen are also not drinking, rather bored and wondering whether to leave early too, so we get talking. I've noticed that they both seem to have a similar build, and this causes Helen to smile, while Kate berates me for checking her out without getting to know her first, but as I'm rapidly discovering this is how Kate flirts.

It turns out they're both in the Army and went through Sandhurst together, are currently on Leave together and were hoping for rather more out of their evening that they are getting. I offer to run them home if they're set on bailing out, and they agree. In the car, in the dark, we chat a bit about who we are but the conversation is quickly swallowed up by Kate insisting that we find a radio station that plays decent music, and then there is singing and some laughing. When we eventually arrive at Kate's house, where they're both spending the night, Kate insists I come in for a drink and I'm having fun so I agree. The mood starts to change as soon as we're past the front door. Helen hugs me, ostensibly to say thanks for the ride home, but she presses against me a little longer, a little tighter, than I was expecting. She looks up at me - I'm 6'2", so even though she's probably 5'8" she still needs to look up to look me in the eye - and holds my gaze for a second or two longer than you would.

She smiles, and Kate yells at us from the kitchen where she's found something to drink. It turns out to be wine, and I'm pretty sure I can get away with one glass if I'm driving home, but both Kate and Helen are being very friendly and attentive and it starts to occur to me that maybe one of them is playing wingman for the other. Still, I'm in a year long dry spell and I'm not holding out much hope. I'm legendarily bad at reading signals; if there's a way to misinterpret something, I'll always go with that. We're about half way down a glass of red wine when Kate decides we should play Truth or Dare. I haven't done that since I was a teenager, but the mood is definitely getting flirtier. I agree, and we take it in turns to see how much truth we can get one another to reveal. Somewhere in there, a second glass of wine turns up, and Kate is dared to do her best stripper dance. Kate is ridiculous, playing the dance for laughs, wiggling and shaking outrageously. Helen is clearly appreciative, and then Kate turns to me and says something like "did that work for you?

Would you slip something into my g-string?" and of course I would. Another glass of wine turns up, and I refuse it on the grounds that I need to drive home. "No," says Helen, very firmly "I think you're staying the night." Kate has a Cheshire cat grin and explains that Helen actually outranks her, so that's a done deal. Then she says "there's just one thing to check first" and kisses me. Even I can't misinterpret that signal, so I kiss her back. She pulls away, looks me up and down and says something like "I'm not wrong about this one, Hels, have a go." And she does. Kate kisses in a very all out manner. It's intense and passionate. Helen lingers, seems to enjoy it more. She also gets closer, but seems almost nervous. We make our way to a bedroom and, in an almost matter of fact way, clothes come off. Helen strips in seconds, down to her underwear, and slides into the bed. She watches as Kate and I strip. Kate also gets down to underwear and then decides I'm moving too slowly, so she helps me get rid of everything but my boxers.

Kate and Helen are within a couple of inches of each other height wise. They're curvy, but muscled. Kate looks to be the more powerful, has more definition in her muscletone. What I can see of Helen is a little softer and rounder, but I don't get much chance to look because Kate starts to touch me, starting with my chest and then arms. We kiss, briefly, and then she ditches her bra and steps behind be, pressing her breasts to my back so I can feel a pair of hard nipples being dragged over my skin. Her hands are on my abdomen, where she strokes and teases and leaves me wishing I had a six pack. Her hand works lower, and I notice that Helen has propped herself up and has at least one hand beneath the duvet, presumably between her legs. She's watching me intently, and the moment I notice this Kate's hand slides into my boxers and wraps itself around my cock. She says something like "Oh, it's a nice one Helen. Do you want to see it?" Then she steps around in front of me and I get to see the look on her face and her small, dark, incredibly hard nipples.

She kneels, pulling my boxers down and freeing my cock - which has remembered what it's for and is now decently hard. I'm average, maybe a bit above, but Kate treats it as if it's the best penis she's ever seen. She starts to stroke and caress it, leaning forward so I can feel her breath on my skin, obscuring Helen's view, and she keeps up a running commentary on how I'm reacting. She brushes her cheek past my cock, causing me to gasp a little, and says something like "he likes that, his cock likes it even more. It's so hard, Helen. Imagine what he'd do if I sucked it. Shall I suck it?" Helen is way too busy to respond, and Kate notices this. She looks over her shoulder, tells Helen to give "the poor boy" something to look at. Helen responds to this by throwing off the duvet, proving that she's had a hand in her knickers all this time. Those now come off and I get the joy of watching her play with a neat, pink and very wet pussy. She's got a very pale landing strip, and very busy fingers.

It does a lot for me, and as much as I'd love to be between those legs that doesn't seem to be the plan for the moment. Breathlessly, obviously not far from orgasm, Helen starts to beg Kate to show my cock, or suck it, or anything. Kate responds by turning us both profile to Helen and putting on a show of wanking me - slowly, deliberately, her eyes on mine. She whispers "don't cum" which at this point is bloody easy for her to say. Kate keeps up a commentary. "I can feel it throbbing. Every time I touch it, it gets a bit harder. Can you see the tip glistening? Shall I taste it for you? Would you like to know how it feels to have this lovely hard cock in my mouth? Shall we see what that does to him?" and with each thing Kate says, Helen moans or sighs and her hands get frantic. She exposes a breast, grabbing at it and pinching her own pink nipple, but I can see some frustration in her expression. Kate's seen it too. She plants a quick kiss on the very tip of my cock and stands up, looks me in the eye and says "go and fuck her."

Helen spreads her legs wide, gives me a look of pure hunger and grins as I kneel between her legs. I'm worried about exploding the moment I get inside her, so I take a moment to run a finger over her pussy and lick it clean, which gets me an impatient moan from Helen and a chuckle from Kate. Kate appears beside us, grabs my cock and positions it so I can push inside Helen, which I do. Helen is warm, wet and welcoming. Her pussy grips me as I bottom out inside her and then she wraps her legs around me and starts to grind against me. At this point, my brain switches off. It's been too long, and all I want to do is pound away until I cum. So that's what I do. Luckily, that's exactly what Helen wants and the wine has dulled sensation so I'm not a two pump chump. It gets very animal and urgent, helped significantly by Kate -who has a hand in her own knickers now - saying things like "I told you he'd have a nice one, didn't I? " and "is he going to cum inside you?" and a dozen other things I don't really remember, interspersed with her own gasps and sighs.

We came, Helen first followed a second later by me, having done our level best to fuck each other senseless. I have no idea how long it lasted, I do remember Helen looking me in the eye as she started to clench and shake, and saying "cum inside me!" and then locking her legs around me to make sure I couldn't pull out. At some point in those seconds, we both heard Kate cumming. We separated, and Helen disappeared to the bathroom. While she was gone, Kate sat on the edge of the bed, grinned a satisfied grin, and said "I'll be leaving you two love birds alone for the rest of the night, but first..." and she licked my cock clean. She was very deliberate about it, careful to make sure no trace of my semen or her friend's juices were left there, then she slipped away. Helen returned, and settled into the bed next to me. She'd stripped, so I got to admire her small but perky breasts and also got to tease her nipples with my tongue while she stroked my semi-hard cock. We explored each other, kissing and touching, and eventually I turned her over and slipped back inside her from behind.

Helen's pussy welcomed me back inside and we fucked again - with less urgency this time - until she'd cum once more. I was planning to cum on her, but she practically begged I cum inside her again. When I agreed, she rewarded me by practically dragging the cum out of my cock with her pussy. We collapsed, cleaned up and then curled up together.

The next morning, I woke to a nearly empty bed. Kate was sitting on the end, wearing a huge t-shirt and smiling. Helen was apparently a morning person and had gone for a run. I made to get up and find clothes, but Kate gave me a mug of tea and slid into bed with me. She explained that she and Helen had often shared blokes, whenever one of them was single, and that it was a kind of game they played with one another. She told me that if Helen wanted to get involved with me, she'd do that solo, but since they were still at the "playing" stage, she was allowed a little fun. She proceeded to slip a hand under the covers and find my cock, which she stroked until it was hard. Then she slid down, moving the covers back, and took my cock in her mouth. After a few bobs of her head, she released it and looked up at me.

"Sixty nine for breakfast?"How could I refuse?

I've never been brilliant at eating pussy, but that morning I was feeling inspired and, with Kate's mouth and hand working my cock with skill and enthusiasm, I did my utmost to return the favour. Kate was, I've got to say, delicious. I paid close attention to the sounds she was making as I licked, sucked and lapped at her, and got thoroughly lost in pleasuring her. I was rewarded by a little cry of joy and then the muscles of her thighs shaking and trembling as she orgasmed, shortly after which I got a blowjob that I will treasure for a very long time and the sight of Kate sitting up and showing me her mouth full of my cum, before she very deliberately swallowed and licked her lips. I waited for Helen to get home before I made plans to leave, but we have plans to see each other again very soon - all three of us - and if anything comes of that I'll be sure to share.