Written by Anonymous

24 Jul 2019

I have had always thought that there is something distasteful about men seeking women vastly younger than themselves. Some blend of ego and power holding sway over an unhealthy reverence of established influence and experience? A distasteful abuse of power in some way. This has been re-enforced by having a daughter, now 28, and having always seen her friends as young ladies to protect, guide and nurture. The guideline “half your age plus 7” always made reasonable sense, but in my case, even 35 seemed young.

Over the past few years I have gotten to know Danise, a truly beautiful woman in her early 20s. We have shared banter, ideas, experiences and secrets. Her sharp mind and maturity have often surprised me, while her youth and spirit have energised me. She has regularly exclaimed her attraction to me, but in spite of many conversations about sexuality, I had refused to see her in that way, preferring a caring role. Over time, however, she has lowered my guard to where I have allowed myself to see her differently, as the magnificent woman she is.

The opportunity to be together is here. Danise indicates that she’s keen but I decide not to. Best left as a fantasy, I tell myself, but minds images of her glorious smile, naughty eyes and ample ass are starting to play havoc in my jeans. I surrender to the inevitable and invite her over.

I open the door and there she is. The prettiest sight, with a smile that could launch a thousand hard-ons. Brief hello’s and we kiss. Not just a kiss. A kiss so soft and tender that it just lingers, right there, for so long, never needing ending. Once again I am surprised. No youthful hurry or obvious lust, just true intimate connection. We sit to talk but the kiss needs continuance. It is not long till we take a brief break and shed all our clothing. Oh My God, she is gorgeous. Her perfect, pale, radiating skin accentuating sumptuous curves. I want to touch and kiss her everywhere and I will. She is so smooth, so soft all over. Only halfway up her inner thighs, my fingers discover her glorious slippery juices. I am so turned on by her obvious desire. She writhes and moans as I caress her soaked pussy with my fingers while continuing to kiss her delicious mouth.

I need to taste her and I do, nestling down between her legs, kissing, licking, sucking; tasting all of her. Her clit is swollen, huge, so visable, so lickable, her moaning voice, more frequent and louder, like music to my ears. Her climax makes my cock ache even more, now a very awkward object under my body against the sheets. I need to be inside her, an intention she most willingly approves of. The sensation of finally being that close to her is mindblowing. Our eyes lock, we both smile and sigh. It’s a beautiful thing. We kiss while I rock gently inside her for what seems like forever. This must be heaven. She cums again.

Soon, Danise is on top of me, rocking back and forth, my hands all over her gloriously beautiful body. I caress and adore her, worshipping her form, like a sculptor creating perfection. She explores my face, neck and chest with her hands, eventually supporting much of her weight on her arms as she rocks faster and faster on my sublimely content cock. She throws her head back as she cries out in orgasmic delight.

I’m standing now, thrusting into her on the edge of the bed, my hands on her hips and her gorgeous ass. I have reached that strength where I never need to cum. I play with her clit while rocking back and forth. We’re both smiling at each other like Cheshire cats. “I want you to come with me” she says. It’s a beautiful request. We lock each others gaze and I start to pound her with intent, keeping tabs on where she is. Fuck, she is so close and it’s so fucking beautiful. I burst, it’s glorious, she squeels and writhes.. objective achieved.

We catch our breaths, hug, hold, cuddle and touch. Soon our bodies are hungry again...