12 Jan 2018

Have you been curious about the sexuality of those lucky enough to age.?Golden years Mature . Experience

All adjectives describing older woman specifically .

It could be used to describe the male as well

I found it hard to believe that younger men would be interested in my age .

Was I wrong ? Sure as shooting .

Some age quicker than others due to circumstances.

Some loose their libido well thank God mine is always raring to go.

It's a mistake to think woman loose interest in sex

Some ladies think they have performed their best but as the saying goes it's not over yet the fat lady hasn't sang yet.

Young ppl think yuk parents don't have sex it's inconceivable .Nothing yuk about it

Since my 70s it's better than anything on earth.

In this kind of sex were ageless.

No headaches. No excuses I want sex only from younger.

I asked few off the ppl ive been intimate with what's their views

All different,some thought skin hair breath how they move slow .experience . Intelligence a big one

It's actually the confidence some woman have and show like I do with erotic pics

It's because I'm happy with myself. I'm not out to impress or trap

I want pure unadulterated sex.

I can do more than many young woman I have no hangups abut my body it's served me well .

This year 77

I want to live long and have all the benefits

I don't drink or smoke I get my highs with young men and sex.

Mad Irish woman .