Written by Anonymous

29 Mar 2019

I had seen the advert on SH, that Shakerz, in response to requests received from our community, had decided to host their first Daytime Fun (DTF) party on a Wednesday afternoon. As I am often in Benoni on Wednesdays, I was thus already thinking about it. Then H, a good friend of mine (who lives in Benoni) mentioned that he was also aware of it, and asked if we would be interested to attend. I told him that my lady friend V would most definitely NOT want to attend, as she lives too close by and would be concerned about being seen and recognised there. We agreed that he (H) and I would attend some other time when next it was convenient, as V and I already had plans for that day.

That evening I told V about my conversation with H, and was REALLY surprised when she said that we (she and I) should go and check it out, “so that when you and H go and have fun I will know what you are talking about” (we always tell each other about any fun we may have had on our own, when the other has not been available to join in) …! I asked if she really did want to go, seeing as she had previously said she wouldn’t, and she assured me that she was fine with it. I asked if she would be happy if H joined us there (the three of us have played together on a number of different occasions, and have become good friends), and she said yes, that would be great. We agreed we would all meet up there early in the afternoon, as I unfortunately needed to leave there by about 4.

V and I have previously been to Rome and Sinsations and Adult World in Honeydew, so the idea of going to a club was not foreign to us. And it was exciting that there would now potentially be a new venue available to us, on the East Rand, a whole lot closer than the others we have visited.

When I arrived, H was already there and was sitting in the lounge having a drink with the few other guys that were there.

Shakers is now (for the past couple of months) owned and managed by SH couple Nev76, and as I walked in (and was looking around for somewhere to pay our entrance fee) Mrs Nev came rushing over to greet me. I was then given the grand tour of the facilities, shown the brand new glory hole and dark/orgy room, the lockers, the dining facilities, the lounge and bar and dance area, the private jacuzzi (where the access gate can be closed to keep others out), the “voyeur” jacuzzi (which remains open-access all the time), where the water was nicely getting up to temperature, and then up to the rooms. There are four rooms, one of which is in the process of being fitted out with some BDSM “equipment”, for those who are that way inclined. Each room has its own toilet, shower and handbasin, so that there is no need to go traipsing off to find a shared bathroom after playtime. And the accepted convention for the rooms, as elsewhere, is that, if the door is left open, it is an invitation to others to watch and maybe join if invited in, but if the door is closed, the occupants want their privacy.

As V had let me know she was running a bit late, I bought a drink at the bar and joined H first for a private chat, and then we joined the circle of the other guys to be sociable. The host couple are lovely people, very hospitable, outgoing and friendly, and made it so easy to feel comfortable and at ease. Some of the guys there, like H and myself, were “first-timers”, a few seemed to be “regulars” from the normal evening parties Shakerz had been hosting and were thus known to the hosts, but we were all attending our (and their) first DTF event at Shakerz.

When I had checked the Parties page for this DTF event just before coming through, there were nearly 50 names on the list of SH members who had said they would be attending. This included eight other couples (apart from the hosts and ourselves) and four or five single ladies, with the rest being “single” male members. So we were expecting quite a crowd, and that V would definitely not be the only lady there…. When I got there a bit before 1 (the place had opened at 12, with DTF planned from 12 to 6), apart from the owner couple, we were just guys there. Then one of the single ladies arrived and joined the chatting circle. V arrived about 1.30, was also greeted by Mrs Nev, and then given the same tour of the establishment that I had been previously, with me joining the two ladies during the walk-about. Once back downstairs, we got drinks and then stood chatting with H next to the circle of seated guys. I noticed that the single lady had since disappeared, as apparently she had to go back to work and would only be joining again later….. meaning that, apart from our hostess, V was now the only lady present.

As we knew our time would be limited, the three of us decided not to join in the general social chitchat, fetched our bags (with our towels) from our locker, and headed off to the “voyeur” jacuzzi. As we were undressing, we were joined by a couple of the guys from the lounge, who had also decided it was now jacuzzi-time. H was in first, then me, and then I helped V to climb in. We relaxed in the warm water for just a few moments, and soon V reached over and found our cocks underwater, and started wanking us, with us seated on the seats and her squatting in the centre of the jacuzzi. The two other guys, by now undressed, climbed in and joined us, sitting on the opposite side of the jacuzzi.

H and I fondled V’s boobs and played with her pussy (underwater) for a while, with the other guys watching us. A few more guys arrived and stood next to the jacuzzi, also watching.

With us seated on the seats in the jacuzzi, our cocks were below the water level. H climbed up and sat on the rim of the jacuzzi, thus lifting his cock out of the water, and V immediately responded by giving him a deep-throat blowjob, while I continued to play with her. One of the guys seated in the jacuzzi, who had been edging closer, then respectfully asked if he too could play, but I told him “no”, as V had no intention of letting everyone else have a go. I explained that V and H and I had come here together and were regular partners (probably not as regular as H would like!), and that we would unfortunately not be letting others join in. He respected our wishes, and sat back on his seat in the jacuzzi, wanking underwater and just watching the action.

Before H came, he asked V to stop, and then it was my turn to sit on the rim and be the focus of her attention. H moved around behind and fingered her vigorously, causing her to orgasm and squirt (underwater, so unseen to all but felt by H).

By now there was a small crowd in the jacuzzi room, and we decided that we wanted to go somewhere a little more private. We got out of the jacuzzi and dried ourselves off, V put on a skimpy dress and H and I just wrapped ourselves in our towels, and we headed off up the stairs to find us a room.

I have no doubt that the guys in and around the jacuzzi were left a little disappointed by our disappearance. I don’t blame them for having come through to where “the action” was – I would probably have done the same if I had been there on my own – or for wanting to join in. But we had no intention of allowing V to be everyone’s plaything.

We entered a room and closed the door. I don’t know if anyone tried following us upstairs, but I wasn’t aware of anyone being outside or attempting to open the door, so our wanting to be private was duly respected by the guys there. (When we eventually came back downstairs, everyone was back in the lounge and the jacuzzi was empty…)

In the privacy of our room we quickly shed our coverings. V lay down on the bed and I quickly joined her, with H standing at the end of the bed. V again reached for H’s cock, and he positioned himself where she could comfortably resume the blowjob, while I fingered her from behind as she lay on her tummy. Then once again it was time to change position. V turned around and started sucking on my cock, her posterior conveniently close to the edge of the bed. H played with her from behind, once again causing her to cum and squirt some more. He then reached for a condom from the conveniently-placed bowl in the room, slipped one on, and entered V from behind as she continued with my blowjob. We have enjoyed this “spit-roast” position on a previous occasion! I was getting too close to my own orgasm as a result of her attentions, and asked her to stop, but at that stage H was getting very close to his, and was pumping hard into V from behind, so much so that their combined movements, with my cock still in V’s mouth, pushed me over the edge. We three pretty much orgasmed at the same time, although I had been intending to hold back and have my turn with V once H was done… but we have other opportunities for that, and today had been about the threesome with our friend. All of us were pretty happy with the outcome!

H removed the condom and cleaned up, had a quick shower and then said his goodbyes and respectfully left V and I, still naked on the rather damp bed, to kiss and cuddle and have some time on our own.

All too soon, though, it was time for us also to shower and dress. We headed downstairs, and found our hosts in the lounge with the group of guys who were still there. There was food on the table, that we had missed while having our fun in the jacuzzi and upstairs, but there was enough left over and we had a quick snack before leaving.

We had expected around 50 folks, including some other couples and some single ladies, to be there for the afternoon. Sadly, for us and particularly for our hosts, they had not pitched up. I was extremely disappointed, and irritated on behalf of our very gracious hosts, that so many people had indicated that they WOULD be attending (through clicking the button on the website as well as having registered by whatsapp), and then didn’t have the decency to show up on the day. The hosts had been specially requested by the lifestyle community to arrange regular DTF events, and then when they had gone to the trouble of doing so, so few people (and most of them single males) had responded by attending. I checked with our hosts afterwards, and not many more people had arrived later in the day either.

If there had been other couples or other ladies present, we would have been far more inclined to have been more sociable and to play more publicly, but that was not the case with V being the only lady present.

So Shakerz will likely need to review whether it is actually worth their while to host DTF events (fortunately their weekend evening events have been well-attended!). Perhaps changing to a Friday afternoon will make it more convenient for folks to take time off work and attend (and prevent clashing with other DTF venues such as Club Rome). But whenever they host the next one, whether on a Wednesday or a Friday afternoon, I for one really hope that the folks that say they are going to attend, actually DO SO! It’s a great venue at which to have fun, with lovely respectful people! We certainly did!!