01 Feb 2017

And there I was 35 divorced, single and a single parent.

I was working in Pretoria and I had to go back to where I was from (name withheld). I was renting a flat and I gave notice that I would be leaving at the end of the month.

One afternoon I came home and a woman was standing talking to the land lady (my mother) and she wanted to see the flat as she was interested in renting the flat. We walked to the flat and I showed her the place. We drank some coffee and chatted away she told me she is divorcing her husband. She left around 5 to go home.

Saturday morning I was helping my dad weld a gate for the yard when a car stopped in front of the gate. She got out saying she want to look at the flat once more. I opened it for her and she walked in. I offered her coffee which she accepted. We stared chatted about everything and listened to music and before long it was lunch time! I borrowed a pack of meat from my mother and made us some food. And so the afternoon my brother invited us for a braai and we all went there and we got some drinks.

As the night went on we all had a lot to drink. When it was late we went home and the woman went with me to the flat. We sat down and we talked she sat close to me and later I put my arm around her. My hand went down and put my hand on her breast. She did not take it away she pushed it into my hand. I put my hand inside her shirt and fondled her nipple. She turned to me and we kissed my hand playing with her breast first the one then the other. Before long her shirt was off and I was sucking her nipples her hands all over my body. My hand went down between her legs rubbing against her. I undid her pants and took it off. My hand rubbing against her panty, she opened her legs and my fingers felt how wet she was. I took her panties off and started rubbing her wet pussy, I put my finger into her pussy slowly rubbing her clit with my thumb. I went down and started licking her wet pussy slowly fingering her first with one then two and then three fingers, she climaxed while I was doing that.

After she laid for awhile catching her breath she got up took my shirt off and then my pants my throbbing cock was standing at attention in front of her, she took it into her mouth and slowly started sucking me off before I came I stopped her. I put her on her back and she opened her legs and I got on top of her she guided me into her wet warm pussy. I started slowly moving in and out and when I felt her pussy clamping onto my cock I moved faster and we both climaxed. I felt her wetness running down my cock onto my balls. She went down on me and sucked me off licking my balls clean I licked her pussy clean.

We spend the whole night making love like that and after I moved back I came and visited her every weekend and we spent it in wild love making sessions But I will tell you about that at a later time