Written by Georgeous

03 Aug 2016

I have been in the motor industry for a number of years and let me tell you, there is more fun to be had if you only look or make yourself available. This is one incident that happened about 8 months ago.

These are regular clients of mine and have bought about 6 cars from me over the past 4 years. So they come in looking for a car for their daughter who is turning 21. After showing them the different models they decided on one and asked me if I would deliver the car to their house as they want to surprise her. I agreed and set about finalising the arrangements. The day of the delivery arrived and I drove through to Harties where they stay. Upon arriving, the father showed me where to park the car and asked me if I don't want to stay for the party as well as he is too busy now to take me back to Pretoria. I can even sleep over as there is enough space. Reluctantly I agreed. They have been very good clients and never asked for any discount on any of their vehicles they have bought over the years.

Samantha (the daughter) had no idea what was happening as it was all a surprise party. The party was like any other surprise party and after all the congratulations and well wishes the dancing and drinking started. I kept at a distance as I only knew the parents and really didn't want to intrude. Gavin called me to go to the garage to hand over the car to Samantha. She was shocked and cried when they told her the car was for her. I started to explain all the features and controls to her. Gavin and Sue said they will leave us as they needed to entertain the guests. She looked amazing. She had a tight white dress with sequins on it and it really showed her figure. The dress was low cut and had a V in the front. From where I stood and showed her the controls I could see her beautiful breasts. They looked firm. I couldn't keep my eyes off them. Samantha interrupted me and said she can see what I'm looking at. I didn't know what to do so I said "it's a man thing" and smiled. She reached up and released her one breast. WOW! It really was one of the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen. The edge had a ridge and really made it stand out. I thought that it would be now or never and started caressing her right breast. It was warm and so soft. I was already hard and started to feel uncomfortable. I played with her breast for a while, when she turned towards me and started undoing my trousers. She freed my manhood and it was at full attention. Without saying a word she gently held it in her hand and started stroking it along the shaft. A little pre-cum started dripping out and without any hesitation she licked it up with her tongue. Samantha looked up at me and had a naughty smile on her face. I asked her if she was okay. Instead of replying she started sucking my cock. First only over the tip, using her tongue and placing it between the foreskin and head. Circling the head. She started to fit more of my rock hard cock in her mouth. It felt amazing. I placed my hands behind her head and started to slow fuck her mouth. She obliged and did not resist. She really knew what she was doing because it was not long and I could feel the sensations and my balls tightening. I increased the pace and thrust it deeper between her soft lips. A few times she gagged but did not stop. As I was close I told her that I'm close and wanted to withdraw. She forced my cock deeper down her throat and held it there. I couldn't contain it anymore and started to shoot my load down her throat. Pulse after pulse of my man juice flowed down her throat and she drank it all up. After what seemed an eternity she finally let go of my cock from her mouth. She still squeezed it as if to say that there must be more. She gave me one more suck as if to clean it and got up. I pulled up my pants while she adjusted her breast and put it all back in place. She looked at me and said that I owed her a present and she would collect it. She gave me a kiss and and went back into the house.

Part 2 to follow. . .