Written by just someone here

24 Jan 2014

I've known "Sue" for a long time but hadn't seen her in ages although we did communicate via social media. We've done the dirty plenty times in the distant past so it was not something new to me with her. I managed to obtain rugby tickets to Loftus in a private suite and asked if she'd like to accompany me. Long story short I picked her up and went to the game which was totally enjoyable. She was wearing a long pants and a low cut blouse that really showed off her lovely boobs. All through the game I complimented her on numerous occasions on the view I was enjoying of her boobs to which she would just laugh. On the way home along the freeway I chanced my luck and put my hand high up on her leg and she allowed it so I went further and started rubbing her between her legs and she must have been enjoying it because she opened her legs wider, lowered the seat and started grinding her hips into my hand. Needless to say I unbuttoned her pants, with her eagerly helping me, slide my hands into her panty and carried on rubbing her pussy which by now was extremely wet. She in turn had unbuttoned my pants and had my hard dick in her hand stroking it oh so damn good. Eventually she leaned over and started giving me a BJ. Boy was I battling to drive by then. By this time we were both as horny and hot as hell and just needed to have a damn good fuck. I finally turned off the freeway, drove for a while until I found an isolated discreet spot. In no time at all I was out my door, around to the other side by which time she had already dropped her pants and was standing out the door leaning over the seat with her bare ass and pussy waiting for my by now throbbing hard cock. I had it in her in no time at all and humped her so damn good until we both came together in an amazing and wonderful feeling of absolute lust and enjoyment.