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24 Jun 2015

About a month ago my wife informs me that she wanted to visit her mother who lives about 300km from us(thank fully)."No problem"I reply.Now don't get me wrong I love my wife but I have always had a weakness for sex.If a lady is willing I am game,so you can imagine my exitement when my wife said she going to visit her mother.So the day finally arrives when she leaves for two weeks.Without informing her I put in a weeks leave from my work,I was going to enjoy myself!That evening got into my car and went for a drive.After just driving around for about an hour or so I stopped at a hotel I haven't visited for years since I was in the army.As I walked in to the bar I noticed it had declined a lot since those days.I took a seat at the bar counter and asked the bar lady for a beer.Since it was a Tuesday it was quiet only three other patrons sitting at a table.It was during my third beer a lady in her late twenties I can only describe as an African Goddess walk up to me and took a seat.She was wearing a navy blue one piece mini dress.She had shoulder length hair and a beautiful smile and she had a athletic body."I've never seen you here before" she said in well spoken english."First time in many years that I've visited this hotel"I replied.My name is "Andrew"what's your name."Thandeli"she replied."May I by you a drink?"I asked."A cider will be nice thank you"she replied.As the evening progressed we got more relaxed and comfortable with each other and I was getting VERY horney.By ten that evening I finally gathered enough courage to invite her for coffee at my place.With a wicked smile she accepted,but we both knew coffee was the last thing we would be having.As we drove home she rested her hand on my leg,barely centimeters from my cock.It was clear to both of us I was getting an erection.When she saw this she smiled.When we got home I poured us each a drink.As we got comfortable she leaned towards me and kissed me.I put my hands on her hips and pulled her closer kissing her passionately.Things started to heat up,as well as my cock.She reached down and unzipped my zipper,popping out my erect cock.As we kissed she firmly took hold of my manhood and stroked it."No wait let's go to the bedroom"as I took her hand and went to my bed room with my erect penis leading the way.I got undressed and got on the bed.She did a sexy dance as she slowly started undressing,first her one piece mini dress and then her bra and panties.My cock was throbbing as this black queen standing infront of me.Seductively she got on the bed with me.I took her in my arms and we started kissing passionately,feeling her body against mine.Taking one her breast firmly in my hand I started kissing and softly sucking her nipple.Here nipple where so erect and I could feel her wet pussy against my leg.Getting lost in the moment the tip of my cock brushed against the sweat opening of her pussy she let out a soft moan."Let me get a condom"I said in a shellow breath."Don't worry I'm clean,just pull out when you cum"she said while taking hold of my cock.Before I could react she guided the head of my penis to her pussy and lower her hips.Effortlessly my penis slid into her pussy.She sat up and slowly started to ride my cock.Any worries of a condom quickly disappeared as my penis explored the inside of her pussy.Maybe it was the site of her fucking me hard but I couldn't last much longer.With a desperation in my voice I said I was about to cum.While continueing to ride my cock she put my hands on her ass.This was to much I tightly squeezed her ass as my cock exploded deep inside her!As I flooded her insides with shot after shot of hot sperm she tighted up and had her own orgasm.When we calmed down we just lay there in each others arms,my cock still inside her.

For the rest of that two weeks we had sex every night,even the day my wife came home my dick still had my lovers pussy juice on it from that mornings fuck.