10 Feb 2017


years back i 1999 i had a take aways in town and got married few months later wife got pregnant and few more months a baby came . in the process wife was always at her mom place very often and i should always get hard .

an indian slim girl has joined us in the take a way and one day while i was taking an order i see she stood next to me and lightly her hand touched mine so i did not mind thinking it is mistake . seconds later she put her hand on mine while i was still in the phone surly my cock stood and got the massage .

forgot to mentioned this girl was sent by a friend and he told me she may be a giver lol

any ways call ended and the time was up to close went at the back with her as usual to cash up once we were done i just looked at her and next thing was kissing her and she said pls go and close the door .

so i went and came back . little kissing next thing i know she opened her zip as she was wearing jeans and pulled it down so i opened my zip and start brushing my cock in between her legs from the back brushing her little pussy .

next thing she said pls take off your pans so i said ... you do that she turned and opened it for me and turned around so i started brushing her pussy again .next thing she started moaning saying FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME so while i was fucking her slowly she got me hot and just to test her i asked her..do you want me to cum in you ?? she never relied so i repeated . she twice said oh no no .

so i withdrew from her pussy and she started to wank me few times and i exploded on the floor till she really finneshed me .

she politly mopped the floor and smiled and left the shop .

this carried on for 3 months and a new story will write to explain how wife confessed to me that she knew .

till then

best regards

niz wiz