17 Dec 2016

Started chatting to a guy on this site a while back. Let's call him Carl. He's white; I'm coloured.

We sexted on BBM and exchanged pics. We were both married.

Carl lived near to me and would always ask me to come around.

One day I decided to do it. I left home after my husband.

Carl was going through a divorce so his wife wasn't home.

When I got there, I wanted to leave, but Carl told me I couldn't just visit him for nothing.

He closed the blinds and went to sit on the couch.

I unzipped his pants and started blowing him.

At one point he was rubbing my pussy.

He stood up and I continued the blowjob.

I licked his balls and he told me I was really good.

He squeezed my tits really roughly and told me what a whore I was.

He started fucking my mouth with his dick and took long to cum.

He eventually shot his load in my mouth. It was a bit salty.

I went to the bathroom and took a toothbrush to wash and brush my mouth.

That was that.

I see he is still on this site but under a different name and now with a different woman. His profile says they're only interested in white people though.