Written by TheLibrarian

25 Sep 2014

“Just how adventurous are you” I read the words again. How exactly am I going to respond to that I wondered as my fingers hovered over the keys.

One thing I know is that I joined this site, with the obvious plan to experience what I've never experienced before, I mean honestly, why are any of us here? Some may be more experienced but in honest opinion at least 70% of us the dream of NSA fun, or ménage à trois, is a distant fantasy, and unless we take that step over the threshold and follow our basic, very natural instincts to have sex and lots of it, we will never know, would we?

“Just how adventurous are you” I smiled as I shifted in my chair, my response will be sweet and short, but captivating.

“Depends on what you would describe as adventurous” I took the first step, and fell into a world of sensual pleasures, wicked desires and everything my parents warned me against.

What started as a casual chat, soon ended up in a meeting, and boy what a meeting, it was arranged, and for the life of me I still don’t know what made me take the next step, out of a few dozens of candidates this one stood out, and I had a hunch. The stage was set, I’ll meet him at a local shopping mall, and go for a drive in his car, funny thing is that not once did the idea cross my mind that this is a potential psychopath or sex offender, I suppose you could say I was pretty irresponsible, but then again – if I had to describe myself in one word I’d say “Adventurous”.

I arrived at the shopping centre and just as planned the big SUV was parked in one of the parking bays, and conveniently a spot was open for my car right next to it. As I stopped I glanced to my right and smiled at this stranger. I was immediately curious, so I got out of the car and confidently hopped into the SUV, I did not have any sense of nervousness, in fact the moment I got into the stranger’s car I was at ease. He kissed me hello, then started his car and off we went, he even held my hand. It felt so normal. A few kilometers on the freeway to nowhere, he hinted at the packet at my feet.

“As promised, I got you the dildo, want to have a look?” I was dumbstruck, I honestly did not take his offer as serious, but held my pose and reached down to take the packet – and there it was, a flesh colored rubber vibrating, 7 inch dildo. My stranger had the naughtiest look on his face, and that alone awakened an erotic sense of desire that started down south and worked its way to my breasts. We chatted a little while longer while I inspected my new toy, something I've never had the pleasure of enjoying. We were halfway up the hill and out of town when he asked me if I wanted to try it out, this was the defining moment that would change this NSA relationship going forward.

A synthetic ecstasy swirled inside me as I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs. Bringing one leg up, bending it at the knee, I slid the vibrating toy into me, I was already soaked, but this simply made me gush. My stranger reached over and ran his finger over my throbbing clit, and In instantly thanked General Motors for taking Automatic Transmission a step further and for introducing the world to the hydraulic fueled, recently my favorite kind of drive, transmission. My stranger had his hands free, I had my legs spread, a dildo vibrating at top speed and buried deep in my core. As he fingered my clit I thrust the dildo in and out, occasionally picking up the pace then slowing down, how he managed to keep his car on the road is beyond me, but as we passed numerous vehicles we inconspicuously continued our petting. By now I had shifted down into the seat, I had managed to undo his pants, fish his rod out, and I was now generously stroking his length. I loved feeling him in my hand, he fitted perfectly, which lead me to imagine how it would feel if he was buried deep inside me. As I fabricated images in my mind of him fucking me relentlessly I headed for yet another orgasm, number four. As we took the winding back road back to civilization I moved with the ease of a cat, and leaned over, my head tucked safely between the steering wheel and his body. A soft longing sigh escaped me as I sucked his cock into my mouth, he tasted good. I swirled my tongue around his cock, flicked the tip and then sucked him all the way into my mouth until I could feel his balls against my chin. His reaction exactly what I hoped for, with audible grunts, and the occasional exclamation and curses uttered under his breath, I knew I had him right where I wanted him. I increased the motion as I sucked more diligently, tasting the occasional flush of precum he released. Even while driving he was in control to a degree, but he kept thrusting his hips upward, feeding me his cock. Wrapped up in providing my NSA candidate the pleasure he was so willing to dish out earlier, I heard him groan and then his release erupted and flooded my mouth. I sucked until I had claimed every last drop he had to offer, and with a wicked smile I lifted my head, dabbed the corners of my mouth, and laughed.

“Well, at least you didn't roll the car”

“That alone is a miracle” he said breathlessly.

We made our way back down the hill, making small talk until we reached the shopping center where my car was parked. We said our goodbyes with a few more passion filled kisses, before I hopped out of the SUV and into my car.

Driving down the hill to my office, I couldn't stop smiling. Little did I know, that there would be more repeats of our secret rendezvous up the hill.

Its’ all about the freedom of expression, the ability to experience and live for each moment as it is presented to you. Tomorrow it may all end, but today it’s still an erotic adventure, with many more twists and turns to come. The only thing I regret, is that I waited this long to experience what has always been a part of me, and I’m not likely to stop now… or maybe ever.