Written by redbruce

16 Jan 2018

Candy had wanted to start the New Year off with a “bang” – a GANG bang! But then she spent too much time in the sun, and ended up with sunstroke the day it was all arranged. A number of us pitched up that day, having not seen her apology in time (the dear lady even tried to arrange a substitute for us, but that unfortunately couldn’t happen at such short notice), and so there were a few disappointed guys there on that day… (although apparently, not long after I left, a different couple arrived there, and the few guys that remained on there were nicely entertained!).

Candy apologised profusely, and promised to make amends as soon as she was up for it. I chatted to her through SH mails, and told her I was looking forward to meeting her – I had met her male friend Pat before, but never been able to get to Honeydew when she had been having fun there before.

Then she advertised again – time to make amends! She gave the date and time they would be there, just asking the guys intending to join to let them know and they would confirm the venue. I let Pat and Candy know I would be there. Among the responses to the Dogging advert was one from another couple, saying they would also join. So there would be TWO ladies!! That would most definitely be worth the long drive…

I got to the venue a bit early, paid my bucks and went through to the “cinema” (eish!! – two tiny TV screens, one with a hetero and the other with a gay movie, side by side, both sound tracks blaring lots of oohs and aahs; and there are two benches, one set against the drywall, the other at right angles but set away from the drywall so that one can stand behind it, with a view back along the entrance passage if you look to the side; and there are a few loose chairs stacked in a corner. It’s really pretty basic! – but it’s what sometimes happens in there that makes it a worthwhile place to visit!!!). The inner sanctum of AW Honeydew is a bit of a rabbit warren, and it is EXTREMELY dark inside, especially when you have just entered in there. There are numerous small cubicles, of different types and, in retrospect, obviously intended for different purposes. There are a couple of cubicles big enough to house a “single bed” sized couch. There are cubicles with small TV screens, where one is presumably supposed to play and watch the DVD that one can select before entering the “lounge” area. But it’s really dark inside, and I didn’t go inspecting every single cubicle…. There was one other older gent inside, who was also obviously there “expecting some action”, as he kept hovering around, checking cubicles, interested in anyone who came in the door. But he professed not to have an SH profile when I asked him directly, saying he just knew about this place because he drove past it to get to work… Ja Ja!! Another younger guy came in, also wandered around a bit, then like me also sat in the “cinema” / lounge section disinterestedly watching the action on the TVs…

It was still a bit early. I went out to get something that I had forgotten in my car, and as I did so the “other couple” (Wade and Mandy, who I actually know quite well from some previous encounters) pulled in and parked next to my vehicle. We greeted in the car park. I went directly back to the lounge area, and sat on the bench where I could look back along the passage towards the entrance. A couple of other guys had arrived meanwhile. The other couple first selected a DVD, then paid their entrance fee and came inside. They didn’t come straight to the lounge, but also first had a look at the various cubicles, with a bit of banter and laughter as they moved around. The older guy who was there first seemed very interested in the couple, following them around. At one point he came back to me and asked “what’s with these guys? Why don’t they do anything?” I suggested that I thought they might be waiting for another couple to arrive, and that seemed to please him. I noticed that they went into the cubicles behind the cinema area (but at that stage I did not know that those were the “gloryhole” cubicles!). They obviously closed the doors behind them, but “older guy” was up and down the stairs (which creak every time someone treads on them, so it was obvious that he was snooping around behind them to see if he could see anything). Some of the other guys were listening at the cubicle walls, or trying to look over into the cubicles… which must have irritated the couple a bit, I thought. I left them to do what they wanted to do in private, knowing that they were not Pat and Candy, who were still on their way, and that the open action was yet to come. Meanwhile there seemed to be guys milling around all over the place.

At the appointed time Candy and Pat arrived, and were greeted by some folks who they presumably knew from previous encounters. Then they disappeared from my view, in the direction of the cubicles where Wade and Mandy were busy. I only heard afterwards from Pat that the fun actually started up there already. The two couples met up, and the two ladies were introduced to each other (the ladies had not met each other prior to this time). Didn’t take them long to get going, because they were apparently very soon finger-fucking and licking Candy, to the point where she quickly had her first climax. During this initial session Candy had turned around and bent over so that they could finger her from behind, and she was immediately offered a dick to suck by one of the guys who had come in to the shop with them (Carlo, who played a major role later on). The two couples, followed by the single guys who had been accompanying them, then came through into the cinema area, where I too greeted them.

The two couples stood quite close together talking at first, with the single guys grouped close around them. I hung back a bit, leaning against the wall, watching to see what would happen…

The ladies started by kissing and hugging, and then they started touching each other’s boobs. Mandy was wearing a halter-neck with no bra, and her top quickly came off. Candy was wearing a black spaghetti-strap top, and that was quickly pushed up to expose her boobs (again no bra), and soon the ladies were taking it in turns to suck on each other’s tits. Meanwhile the guys were crowding around, a lot of them with their dicks out, wanking, and also trying to cop a feel whenever they could. I noticed one of the shorter guys, who seems to also be a bit of a “regular” when Candy plays at Honeydew, pushing her short black skirt up from behind and starting to finger her. She did not seem to mind the intrusion…

Candy took off her glasses, her skirt and her top, and placed them on the bench which I at that stage was standing behind. Mandy too came over to the bench, standing directly in front of me, and removed her top, her pants and lastly her very skimpy thong which matched her halter-top, placing her stuff on the bench, but keeping her glasses on. I leaned over and fondled her boobs as she sat on the bench taking off her shoes, enjoying the feel of her prominent hard nipples between my fingers. The guys pretty much all remained dressed, but the two ladies were now butt naked.

The girls went back to the middle of the room. Guys were feeling boobs and pussies, and the girls reached out to some of the guys and wanked their erect pricks. Candy got down on her knees and started muffing Mandy, and the short guy was immediately on his knees behind Mandy, fingering her from behind again. Somebody suggested “let’s see you ladies do a 69”! Two of the cushions from the benches were removed and placed on the concrete floor to provide a bit of a mattress, and Candy lay down on her back with her knees spread, Mandy got down on top of her in 69 position, her knees on either side of Candy’s head, and the two girls enjoyed a time of mutual pussy licking, with a lot of enjoyable noises coming from both the girls, while the circle of guys wanked around them.

After a while Candy got up, motioned to Mandy to lie back on the cushions, and then got down into a more regular muffing position on her hands and knees between Mandy’s spread legs, her butt pointing back at my bench. Mandy meanwhile was being offered dicks to wank by guys who were now kneeling at her head. One of the other guys (Carlo) was sitting wanking on the bench below where I was standing, and very close to Candy’s exposed butt. He leaned forward and fingered her pussy briefly. Then he reached into his pocket and found a condom, which he proceeded to put on his very nicely sized dick. He then knelt down behind Candy, opened up her pussy with his fingers, pushed into her, and started fucking her vigorously in doggy-style, while she continued muffing Mandy. Apparently he has been with her before…

By this time most if not all of the guys present, including me, had their dicks out, wanking. Guys moved around all the time, looking to view the action from different angles, or to get close to one or other of the girls. Another guy had come over to also stand behind the bench next to me, watching Carlo and Candy from behind. Both of us were wanking. I noticed that he kept looking down at my cock. At one point he reached out towards my cock, making it obvious that he wanted to wank me. I politely brushed his hand away, letting him know that I was not interested in that kind of action. He handled the rejection well, and never tried again, although I did see that he came right with some of the other guys later.

I was actually quite surprised at the amount of M2M action that was going on, with guys wanking other guys, and offering their dicks to be wanked or sucked by the willing guys. At one stage, while one of the girls was being nicely fucked by one of the guys (which to me was what I had come there to watch), there was a little male threesome of mutual wanking going on around the corner!

Carlo fucked Candy good and hard. And she obviously enjoyed it. Then he came in his condom, pulled out of Candy, sat back on his haunches and removed the condom, dropped it in the bin, and then sat back on the bench. Although he softened a bit initially, he continued wanking, and it wasn’t long before he was hard enough for round two!

Candy and Mandy got up off the floor, moved to the benches, and then proceeded to wank or give BJs to whoever came and sat next to or stood in front of them. The guys sitting next to them were happily fingering their pussies or groping or sucking on their tits. One of the guys next to Candy got up leaving an open space, and I sat down and had my turn too, playing with her boobs as the guy on the other side fingered her, while she wanked both of us.

Then it was Mandy’s turn to be fucked, as she lay down on the cushions and one of the guys she had been giving a BJ to got on top and fucked her good and solidly in missionary position. Candy was then fucked again, again doggy style (apparently her favourite position), but this time standing leaning against the bench back with one of her feet up on the bench seat, her pussy spread wide. I sat on the bench right next to where she was standing, and took the opportunity to fondle her boobs as they swung back and forth with the fucking motion, and rubbed her clit while the guy pumped into her from behind.

Mandy was fucked by at least two, maybe three of the guys. Candy was also fucked by three of the guys. Carlo managed to fuck Candy, then Mandy then Candy once again, each session lasting longer than the one before! Nice going, Carlo!!

After about an hour, all the guys who were up for fucking had done their thing, and I am sure all had been wanked by one or other or both of the girls, or received a BJ, and things started slowing down. Wade and Mandy said they needed to go, Mandy found her clothes and got dressed again, and off they went…

Pat and Candy were still around, Candy still naked, but then they slipped off quietly, heading in the direction of the cubicles behind the cinema again. I gave them a few moments to get settled, and then I followed them around to see where they were and what they were up to. I noticed that all three of the lower cubicle doors were ajar, whereas when Mandy was in there the middle door had been closed. But I had heard someone going up the stairs… I checked the open doors of the lower cubicles, and saw that Candy was standing alone inside the middle one, with her back to the door which was standing ajar – she hadn’t closed it over, and I assumed (rightly, it turned out) that she was not averse to having company. I pushed the door open and went in and joined her. I reached out for her boobs, and then one of my hands reached down to her pussy. As my eyes adjusted to the reduced light away from the TV screens, I realised that she was giving a BJ to a dick protruding through a slot between the two back-to-back cubicles! This was a “GloryHole” cubicle!!! It was Pat in the upper cubicle behind, his dick poking through the slot at just the right height, while Candy was standing in the lower cubicle, Pat’s dick at the level of her mouth. I chatted a bit while fingering her, although she couldn’t really talk back much with her mouth full. Then suddenly she stepped back, and I could see cum dripping from Pat’s dick. She spat into her cupped hand, and then said “sorry, but I don’t swallow”, and left the cubicle to go and find the handy roll of toilet paper on the bench outside to dispose of Pat’s load. Pat withdrew his dick, and I followed Candy back out into the cinema area.

That then was the end of the fun time! Candy also found her clothes and got dressed. Those of us who were still there said cheers to everyone. There were still some guys busy playing with each other across in one corner, and it was evident they were going to be staying for a bit longer. The rest of us gathered up our stuff, and made our way out through the shop and back to the car park.

Thank you, Candy and Pat, for initiating the event! And thank you to Mandy and Wade for being bok enough to come and join in and add to the fun! Thanks too to Carlo and the rest of the guys who were up for it! This was my first time exposed to the fun at AW Honeydew, and it was certainly a most enjoyable morning!