06 Apr 2017

I had this fantasy of walking into a sex.cinema finding guys jacking off to porn and letting them ravage me. Weird fantasy I know but hey...

So anyway, I read about a dogging meet at an adult world on my side of town and was intrigued. I decided to make a turn there. I walked in, (BTW, why do they always have old mamas manning those counters?!?!) That irks me!!!!!

I pretended to be looking at some DVDs and mags until I saw men coming in and disappearing into a corner, I made my way that way and disappeared into the corner. There was a gay movie playing on the big screen, and I don't know about other women but even gay porn turns me on! There were about 10 guys watching, some with their cocks out, stroking and some on their knees sucking some of the guys with cocks out. It smelt of sex and cum. It was so erotic and dirty.

I walked around and they all turned to look at me. It didn't make sense why they were looking at me like that at the time. But I sat on one of the seats and watched. I was about to open my legs and start playing, you know to invite them to play along when a guy who works in the store walked in and tols me that women weren't allowed in that area and calmly asked me to leave.

Fuck! I was pissed off. I walked out, extremely horny and wanting to be ravaged more than ever.