Written by Ordinary_Sexual

19 Dec 2017

Following from generous big lover part 1 & 2....we’ve seen each other another 4 or 5 times in just a bit over a week. I’m addicted. I absolutely love his cock and the way he uses it. His tongue fucking my pussy and bum drives me insane.

We also laugh a lot, talk about all topics, eat out, or just laze about on couch, him playing with my toes, until one or both initiates sex.

On 1 occasion I wear the red tight nr with the open crotch and boobs. I love his reaction every time. He tells me to turn around on all 4’s and seeing it’s still the afternoon he can see my pussy very clearly. “oh my god this is the sexiest one yet” his hand strokes over my pussy and his moans make me more horny. “wow today I can see you’re more horny “ as I’m already dripping down my legs and he hasn’t even played with me yet. “fuck I love your pussy”

He strokes my clit with his two fingers. “mmm I’m feeding you sushi everyday if this is how wet it makes you” I reply “maybe I just couldn’t wait to have you”

I feel his mouth over my ass while he’s playing with my clit. He licks and probes my ass while I’m moaning and gyrating on his fingers. I grab his thick cock in my hand stroking it. His length is a nice average so it doesn’t hurt inside me, but his thickness...I can’t close my hand around his shaft. I can hardly take half his shaft in my mouth without stretching my mouth.

I move closer to him showing him I want his cock inside me. After taking necessary precautions quick he again has to 1st pit the tip in, & moves back & forth slowly and just with his tip until a few more inches slides in. He keeps going until he’s completely in. Believe me it takes a few minutes. But oooooh my fuck I’m addicted to it.

He strokes my clit while slowly fucking me doggy, his cock stretching me so I can feel every inch of thickness inside me. “oh my god you feel different every time I fuck you” he says. I’m never leaving this pussy”

With every stroke he pulls out I can feel my cum come out with him and drip down me. “I love how you fuck me” I say as he moves his cock in at least 4 different ways in and out of me. He rubs my clit and he loves watching his cock go in and out. “This cock is all yours, I want you to ride me” and we turn around. I face with my back to him, taking the thick flesh in my hand and guiding him in me again. I know he loves reverse cow girl as they call it. He also can’t really slip out with his size.

I ride him and his moans energises me. My bed helps me to bounce with my legs , bouncing up and down his thick shaft, feeling his lovely cock rub against all 360 degrees of my pussy walls. “god this looks amazing” he says.

We turn around again and he licks my pussy and sucks on my clit. I’m even getting wet as I’m writing this.

He gently enters my pussy again with my legs lifted high up to the sides. I love how he varies here as well. I tell him “fuck do you know how women would love to fuck you, people would love to watch you fuck” as he lifts his body so just his thick meat touches me, fucking me. "I don't want another pussy, I don't want 3somes" Then he sits up, his cock never leaves my pussy. I rub my clit as he’s fucking me sitting up and oooh yesss I can’t get enough. “don’t stop, please don’t stop” as my orgasm builds.

He also gets close and we both cum loudly and intensely.

He lies next to me and grabs on to my hand. His breathing deepens and he falls asleep. I wipe my cum with a towel and watch TV. I also watch him, his cock laying to one side, still thick and juicy.

After about 30min he wakes up again and...as always...we go at it a second time. And he always cums a second time.