02 Oct 2018

There is about an affair that took place. I do feel guilty about it, but I'm not quite ready to give it up. I was married and our marriage had been fine for the most part. For the longest time I was simply a subdued partner, but eventually I got too bored of it and took steps to be something more, and so I became am estate agent and a successful one at that.

Eventually I started making more money with the commissions and price of properties that have increased over time, and began to look down on her lack of ambition. Not that I regret anything, but I do feel jealous sometimes of my married colleagues that married big shots that earn a lot of respect. And once in a while I go to clubs with my single friends, and flirt with patrons. My parents were a bit racist when I was young, and I think for some reason related to that, I tend to be especially flirty with white woman at the clubs, but it's never gone beyond anything but grinding on the dance floor and letting them feel my body a just a little. I do have to admit though, later that night I always end up having the best orgasm while masturbating.

This started when a co-worker asked if I could fill for her at an end of sale for a client. I gladly accepted, and she gave me the details. I showed up and met the client. Her name was Christina. A few days went by, and I drove by in front of the house and saw a car there so I pulled into the driveway and ringed the doorbell. Christina answered the door, with only gym cloths on, and said, "what's up, come in." I said, "hi," and stepped inside, and couldn't help but look at her body. I added, "I hope it's not a bad time."

She caught me off, saying, "no it's cool. Getting stuff unpacked little by little. Did you come by just to see me?" he asked all cocky. I laughed a little, "Brought a little housewarming gift," I said, handing him the gift - a flower vase with flowers in it. "Thank you," he responded, setting it in the center of her coffee table. Before long one thing lead to another and the sexual energy was just too much to resist her.

I felt as though it was my turn, and I started pulling down her gym shorts slowly. I could see the base of her pelvis, and got on my knees in front of her to continue. I looked up, seeing her watch me with a cool, relaxed look, and pulled them the rest of the way down. Her pussy was fully exposed with a neat and cute landing strip just above clit. She had a small opening with a cute erect tiny clit and juicy pussy lips. Just getting them wet with my tongue, and then putting my mouth all over them. I used one hand to rub her clitoris now and then, while she started running her fingers through my hair.

After a minute or so I felt the clit with my tongue, and kept one hand around the top, slowly stroking it. I've never felt a clit so tasty to have so much to explore. I moved my tongue up and down it, and then started to suck it, bobbing my head up and down. I stood up, and kissed her stomach, and then her lips. I assertively pushed her on the bed, and got on top of her. I sucked one of my breasts, and I reached down with one hand to feel her pussy. She was anxious for it in a way as she had never been before – she was so wet. I hunched over a little more, and I guided it into her. All her wetness made it easier, but I still had to be gentle and slow with her as it was so large. She spread her legs and tried wrapping them around me. I kissed her shoulders, and went slowly deeper and deeper. She was impatient, but tried to just tolerate the pain. She let out a little cry, but quickly also moaned after, "yeaaaaah," reflecting the pleasure and pain.

I felt electricity flowing through my body. She was moaning louder, and started to feel her toes curling, and knew an orgasm was coming. I started pounding her harder. "Ahh - ahhh - ahhh," She silently shouted, with each thrust. She clenched my teeth, and let out, "ooooooh." She felt an explosion of ectasy, and took a moment to catch my breath. I saw the glistening of sweat on the both of us. Christina put a hand around me, and lifted me up so that she was now riding me, with my cock still in her. I was still pounding me hard though, thrusting her body upwards into her repeatedly.

I tried to say something but the thrust of my cock deep into her and caught me off guard, making me let out another moan of pleasure. I leaned forward to kiss her cheeks, kiss her mouth, all over and sloppy. I felt the intense urge to show her affection. I put my hands on her breasts, and so I tried lifting them a little to reach her as she hunched her head over just a little so her mouth could reach them better. I enjoy kissing and looking into the ladies eyes to see and feel the sexual pleasure through her eyes. Then I pushed her gently onto the bed, so that her ass was in the air against me, and her head was in her pillows. She felt my cock enter her again in a doggie style but this time much more easily of course. She let out a big moan right away.

I put one finger in my mouth like a hook, and I licked it and sucked it some, eagerly. Then I put that finger in the tip of her asshole. I reached back to rub her clitoris with one hand, and felt my balls bouncing against her. I She squeezed bits of the blankets on the bed with her hands, and started moaning - "aahhh, ahhh" with her rhythm. I heard her grunt and moan a little, and then the surge of warmth erupts deep inside her. The thought of my baby juice on her stomach made me instantly orgasm one more time. I felt so tingly and giggly at that point. She felt my cock leave her body, and I lay down, and rolled over. She could feel my warm sperm slowly running down her inner thigh area. I kissed her on the cheek. I said, "Glad I could help and cross that colour line” would love to do it again and again with other races to realise that sex is enjoyable and pleasurable with all races and has NOTHING to do with colour or race.