Written by Nerdyguy

09 Oct 2014

There are always women who state they don't obey or submit to a man. They remain steadfast in their belief that men and women are equal in all things. Well that just ain't true. We all have our roles especially in the bedroom. Men should naturally dominate... and for any man who actually does do this the rewards and numerous. This story is about how I made an independent feminist submit and how she can't stop from wanting to be my little toy.

I met T on Tinder. A great little app that has been great for my sex life.

T is an independent,25 year old who runs her own business. Very successful I might add. She has a killer body, but sadly chooses to keep her hair short.

So far I have been to T's place three times. I will be posting them up individually.

T and I got to chatting and I very quickly got her hot and horny. One night we had phone sex which she loved but then I decided to spice it up by having her use a hair brush in her tight little pussy. Oh the moans that I heard... she now keeps that hair brush specifically for when I phone her. Well all this dirty chat and phone sex had T demanding that I come round. I was visiting my father who had come up to JHB and was staying with friends. After I had finished with visiting I hopped in my car and took a drive. I told T that I wanted her naked on her bed, waiting for me.

I arrived at T's place and walked in through the door. I undid my belt as I walked towards the candlelit bedroom. I see a perfect female form naked on the bed and I go from being rock hard to cut-glass-with-my-dick hard. I undress, saying hello as I do. Once my clothes are on the floor I toss my condoms on the side table and climb on top of her. I am greeted by the hungriest of kisses. She can't stop kissing me but thankfully I can do two things at once. I spread her legs and climb between them. As I am kissing her I lower my body down and gently touch her clit with my cock. Her hips buck. She lets out a little moan and kisses me even harder.

I guide my cock to her pussy, it was so wet and hot. As my cock found her entrance she bucked her hips and took me half way into her. I thrust my cock and it hit her cervix. She moaned loudly. I held my cock in her and then kissed her neck. Then she did something that no woman has ever done with me... she started to ride. This little girl actively used her hips to grind and move my cock inside of her... like a woman does when she is on top. This little girl wasn't going to wait for me to fuck her, she wanted my cock and she wanted it NOW!

Very quickly she had an orgasm.... then another and another. I was far from finishing but T had already had 6 orgasms within 15 minutes. I then let her ride on top and after another 20 minutes she had orgasmed another 6 times. I knew I was getting close and since she was on antibiotics I had to glove up. I grabbed a condom, and threw her on to her back. I rolled my condom on and sunk my cock into her. I then started to fuck her like an animal. I wanted to cum and that was what I was going to do.

After 10 minutes of fucking I shot my load. Then she orgasmed again. There is something beautiful about a woman having in orgasm because the guy came. Its like her body is grateful.

It had been a long day and I rolled back onto the pillow and then took my condom off. I walked to the bathroom and dropped it in the bin. I then went back to the bedroom.

I lay down on the bed and told her to give me a blow job. She obeyed and soon my cock was hitting the back of her throat. She was dedicated to her task and licked and sucked like a porn star. I then told her to get back on and she obediently straddled me and took my cock into her... and then she rode. She must have ridden me for 20 minutes and had a further 5 or so orgasms.

Again it was my turn to cum. I once again took her in the missionary position and started to fuck her hard. Her moans filled my ears and I could feel my cum building. I pulled my cock out and shot my load all over her stomach. She looked at my seed on her and just smiled. Her words to me were "Thank you."

While she was in the bathroom cleaning up I got dressed. I gave her a kiss goodbye and then left.