Written by cottonthong

05 Apr 2017

I work within an industry that is predominantly male occupied. A technical field that almost any technically minded "female" could occupy. I am that female. i had to accompany my staff I manage to a site that required some technical problem solving and equally a particular "fitting". On many an occasion I have obtained "fittings" from this particular supplier. Yesterday i entered the building, shelves and rows of various parts are on display, you can either ask for assistance or obtain the part yourself, naturally I knew what i wanted i just didnt know where to find it.. when i had initially entered i noticed two gentleman dressed like pilots (seemingly) busy with items in their hands. My presence seemed to cause a bit of a stir as their eyes followed me down the first row and continued to follow me as i approached them returning up the other row, i walked passed between both, i could still feel their eyes on me... a little unsure why! I am quite sure of myself (confident if you wish but inherently shy). It got me thinking .... do I have that much appeal that i had not only these 2 gentleman AND another glanceing my way quite obviously. or was it just a simple case of a "woman" in a man's world????