Written by Andy Nix

27 Jan 2018

Not long after my tryst with Angie in the mens room I went to go check on the others in the pool area. It seemed everyone was done and my girlfriend, Trisha, suggested we go up to the room to get showered and ready for the evening.

I hopped into the shower first to wash off my earlier indiscretions. After I was done i lay on the bed, with just a towel covering my nether regions, thinking about Angie and her proposal for later tonight. I thought of her body, her moans as I made her cum, the sexy tone of her voice.. Trish came out of the shower and noticed the growing bulge under my towel. She seemed taken aback as if a spark had just ignited running through her body.

Before i carry on i think I should describe the both of us.. Im about 1.8metres, an athletic built that came from all the sport i played throughout school and university. My chest  is pretty lean and muscular with not much hair in it, i have a bit of a beer belly with muscular calves which is uncommon for indian guys. Due to work and travelling i dont get to work out much anymore altho my biceps are still quite big. My dick stood through the towel on top of it.. I am uncircumcised and tend to take my male grooming quiet seriously lol..I'd like to think my package is around average although the last time I measured my dick was in high school and that was because of a challenge we had going in our class. I came in at 16.7 cm's but its gotten a bit thicker with a few more veins since then.

Trish stood in front if me dropping her towel. She really was a babe. One of those girl next door types with a lil bit if fire in her soul. She was fair in complexion and about 1.6metres tall.. Her tits were almost perfect. A 32c cup, with small, dark nipples. Her flat tummy and slim waist led down to a small petite and tight butt. She always kept a little pubic hair around her pussy and this weekend it was a little patch jus above her slit.. As she stood in front of me she spread her legs a bit giving me a little glimpse of her lovely, little tight pussy.

It had been about a week and a half since we made love and i admired the gorgeous girl in front of me yet i felt a pang of guilt go through me because of Angie. Trish moved the towel of me and grabbed my semi erect dick in her hand.. She got on her knees in front of me and ran her tongue up my shaft. When she reached the top she took the tip of my cock at the entrance of her mouth.. Kissing it as if she were kissing a lover on the lips.. This always drove me wild.. I dick grew harder, longer and thicker in her mouth.. She always loved the sensation of my cock becoming erect in her mouth.. She stroked and sucked my dick. Trying to take every inch of it in..

I moved her mouth off my cock and asked her to move up onto the bed.. Positioning her thighs on either side of my head i lowered her hips down so her pussy was right on my chin. I loved eating her out like this.. Her labia was clean shaven, she had small little flaps potruding outward and a cute little clit that i loved to suck on. Her slit was moist n pink and i could see her pussy glistening with her juices.

I parted her lips with my tongue and licked all the way up her slit.. She tasted so good. Her juices filled my mouth.. I tooked her clit in my mouth and flicked at it. She started grinding her hips against my chin.. I grabbed her breasts as I started sliding my tongue into her tight pussy. It was so moist n warm.. I knew she was about to cum.

I guided her off me and got behind her.. I wanted her from behind.. I slid the tip of my dick against her slit as she spread her behind.. She layed her head down and moaned as I coated my cock with her juices.. Slowly i slid into her. With each thrust going deeper. As my shaft slid into her pussy i coated her sexy little arse with some lube n massaged her hole with my thumb. She loved it and started moaning whilst rubbing her clit.

Deeper and harder I started thursting until my balls started slamming against her clit. Her pussy was so wet and with every stroke as I pulled my cock out of her more n more of her wetness coated my dick. It turned me on to see how she was enjoying this. Trish and I have never tried anal. The furthest we probably got was probably the tip of my index penetrating  her ass sometimes when I went down on her. As I fucked her from behind I thought about Angie and started moving my hips faster. From massaging her asshole with my thumb i slid the tip of it in. She let out a soft moan and said, 'fuck baby' I took this as a green light and as I slid in and out of her I slid my whole thumb into her ass. With each movement of my dick into her tight wet pussy I simultaneously slid my thumb in and out of her ass..

She moaned in pleasure and spread her butt cheeks wider to take my cock in.. She always gives me a heads up when shes about cum and she started backing her hip up to meet the thrusts of mines.. She moaned n rubbed her clit until I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft.. At the same time i moved faster and she grabbed my balls.. I felt them tighten and with a few deep thrusts I shot my cum into her.. She fell over onto the bed in exhaustion and i lay next to her after I helped her clean up my leaking cum off her already wet cunt..

I lay there and decided I needed a nap before the night began. I knew it was wrong to think about Angie at that moment but I couldnt help but wonder about all the things I was gonna do to her.. To be continued