Written by Andy Nix

27 Jan 2018

I wrote a post last weekend on this site about an experience I had in CPT last December. It seemed to have gotten a great response so I decided to follow up my saga over a wedding weekend in the Mother City that my girlfriend and I went for.

The first night in CPT I spent ducking and diving just to fuck one of my girlfriends best friends. Even though it was just a quickie it was definitely one of the most erotic and kinky experiences of my life. When i went to bed that Saturday night I could get my experience with Angie of my mind.

For those of you guys that didn't read my 1st story, Angie was a friend of my girlfriends. She was a colored lady in her 30's. Smart, elegant, beautiful and sexy as hell. Just the perfect girl who had never been married but seemed like the girl next door. That Saturday morning as I joined everyone at the breakfast buffet table I could help but think abt Angie and the time we shared last night. Even though it was rough and erotic in a way it also felt so sensual and I could help but  feel something as she slid up and down on my dick... It was really an experience for me being with a woman in her league.. I longed for more.

After breakfast was done I mentioned to everyone that I wanted to go check out the pool..My girlfriend agreed and so did another couple that was present. To my surprise Angie had also had the urge to swim. We all chamge and headed into the pool. A huge part of me felt guilty but I was also satisfied. Making love to Angie the night before felt like ticking of something on a bucket list that 1 may have.

My girlfriend looked sexy in a tight black costume but as soon as Angie dropped her towel my sight became transfixed. She had on a 2 piece white bikini. The bra fitted tight letting her b cup breasts fill them out.. She had a slim waist that led into a thick ass.. Her bum stretched out her white bikini bottoms and the front just covered her lovely mound which I got to suck on the night before. As she got into the water the front of her bottoms became transparent revealing the little bit of black pubic hair she had on her tasty cunt that was engulfed with her fat and swollen pussy lips.

As we swam and playwd around my girlfriend became more interested in a game of Pool Volleyball. I stayed back and sipped my beer whilst relaxing against the wall. All of a sudden I felt a foot brush past my thigh and rose my head to see Angie in front of me.

She came and sat on the stair in front of me n smiled asking, 'Did you enjoy taking me last night.' I just nodded like an idiot. Half of me a but stunned and the other just shy.. She turned around facing the others in the pool and nonchalantly raised her hand to start rubbing my cock underwater. After a few mintes i slid my hand into the behind of her bikini.. Sliding my fingers down her ass..

I have never liked fingering a girl below water so I jus fondled her ass and brushed my index against clit..by this point I was hard and everyone was too concentrated on their game of volleyball in the pool to see me get out and walk inside the hotel to the nearest bathroom.

My intention had been to cool down and wash off until the door opend and Angie entered. She had a lustful look in her eye and thankfully noone was around. She immediately pulled me into a stall. Still dressed in her bikini she revealed her tits n gorgeous pink nipples as she slid off her bottoms. Her pussy and ass looked so tasty. It was a step away from what I was uaed to being with an indian girl. Dont get me wrong, I love the taste of my girlfriends pussy but seeing Angie leaning over a toilet with her 1 hand spreading her thick, luscious, pale, ass just drove me over the top..

She whispered, 'Eat my pussy', and that was all it took, I remember getting on my knees and devoured her swollen pink pussy. I moved my tongue all over her clit. At first the taste of chlorine from the pool filled my mouth but soon after her cum started to drip from her little tight hole.

Even as I type this I get hard thinking about how her pussy started to contract around my toungue. I slid my middle finger all the way inside her little pink pussy and i started flicking my tongue against her ass. She reached behind and pulled my head deeper into her sexy butt. Clearly she loved this and I glady obliged. I spread her gorgeous ass apart and spat onto her sexy little arsehole.. My saliva dripped down onto her pussy and i slid another finger into her..

I continued to pump my 2 fingers into her pussy as i devoured her sexy ass.. Her juices started to drip out onto my fingers and i licked it all up. She had a taste and scent like no other woman I had ever been with. I wanted to take all of her in. If you guys only knew hw wonderful I found this girl you would surely feel the same.. As i slid fingers up and down, deeper and faster with every movement of my wrist I could feel the walls of her pussy starting to tighten and relax around my hand. I knew she was about to explode. I thought it would be kinky to ask her to hold her bikini bottoms against her mouth so she would make too much noise in the stall of the bathroom we were in..

There we were.. This gorgeos woman, leaning against the wall in the stall of a mens bathroom.. Her pink nipples exposed, biting her sexy white bikini bottoms, with 1 hand spreading her sexy, thick,creamy white ass and me on my knees with 2 fingers parting her wet labia. Pumping in and out of her puss and my tongue probing her tight, little arsehole. She suddenly bent her knees a little and with a soft moan her thighs shook and vibrated.. Her ass puckered in and out pulling my tongue deeper and her tasty little pussy let out a stream of cum that dripped down the back of her left leg...

It was such a sight to see that pussy convulse and climax around my fingers. As soon as this happened I hear someone enter the bathroom and leave shortly after. This sort of brought me back to the realisation of where we were.. Before we planned our exit Angie whispered into my ear, 'Tonight I want you one more time and you can do whatever you want,'

I left the bathroom with the sweet taste of this sexy lady on my lips, her sweet scent on my fingers and the thought of what I was gonna do tonight. Only problem was, how was I gonna deal with getting away from my girlfriend and this growing guilt from lusting after 1 of her best friends.. More to follow :)