Written by Andy Nix

21 Jan 2018

The following happened a week before Christmas last year. My girlfriend and I had flown down to CPT from JHB for a wedding that weekend. We have been together for 3 years and we're both indian.

The wedding was on the saturday evening and all our friends and family from Durban and CPT were present. It was an amazing time and after the festivities a group of about 7 of us decided to all head back to our hotel to keep the party going at the rooftop bar/club.

Since I met my gf I have always admired a few of her friends. Not only for their amazing good looks but their great personalities. There was one in particular, Angeline, who we all called Angie. She was a coloured woman who was 36. She was fun, smart and beautiful but never married. She and I got along great and she was also staying at the same hotel in Seapoint as us that weekend. Over the years Angie and I would flirt from time to time but I just passed that off as harmless, friendly banter but this weekend had changed everything.

During the course of the wedding reception she had ended up sitting next to me so we spent alot of time chatting as my girlfriend spent time catching up with some of her family and friends. Angie looked great, she had on a short white dress that only excentuated her curves. She was tall, fair in complexion, her tits were probably a B cup but she had a slim waistline and a perfectly round, thick ass. I could stop admiring her and looking down at her gorgeous thighs during dinner.

I remember we spoke about the bormal, mundane stuff at first but after a few glasses of champagne she started getting flirty once again with the occasional hand on my knee motion. It was around 8 and our group decided to uber back to the hotel. We ended up in one of the bigger vans and I sat right at the back with Angie following me in. My girlfriend ended up in the front row seated in between her mum and dad. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and I had just taken my suit coat off and placed it on my lap when I suddenly felt a hand slide under it and place itself right on my crotch. I looked to my left startled to see a naughty smile on Angie's face and as she bit her bottom lip she started moving her hand in a slow up n down motion over my balls.

Any guy knows that its definitely a good idea to wear formal pants to a strip club because of the thin, soft material and having this hand that didnt belong to my gf rubbing my crotch was definitely a turn on. My cock started getting hard and i could feel her long nails digging deeper over my pants squeezing at my balls. The thrill of it all was such a turn on. I was getting closer to a climax but thankfully was were pulling into our hotel parking..

As everyone got out and walked into the reception area i lagged behing trying to cover up the obvious bulge in my pants. I had on a navy blue suit and to my horror there was a spot of precum clearly visible from my throbbing erection.

Everyone headed to the rooftop bar area but i mentioned to my girlfriend that I wanted to go ang change into my jeans. Angie apparently had the same thought about changing and was already in the elevator going up to her room. I left our group to head to change and freshen up. I couldnt believe what had happened in the ride home, I even had to change my boxers but I was still so turned on from feeling Angie's hands on my dick..I wanted more..

My room was right at the end of the corridor and Angie was 2 rooms away. As i left my room to go up to the bar I was surprised to see her door open.. As i passed i saw her sitting on the bed and she was clearly looking out the door waiting for me... She still had her tight white dress on and as soon as she saw me she stood up n pulled down the straps and the top of her dress revealing her gorgeous tits.. In the same motion she hiked her dress up to her belly button giving me a clear view of her long legs, sexy thighs and her black g string...

She turned to the side and leaned onto a dressing table so I could see the gorgeous curves and her flawless behind.

I wasted no time in walking in and shutting the door behind me.. We kissed passionately and as i tasted her lips and her tongue she grabbed the bulge in my pants through my jeans.. I sucked her lovely pink nipples and spread her legs as I made her sit in the dresser. Her panties were damp and i quickly moved them aside revealing her gorgeous, clean shaven, pink pussy.. She had tight pussy lips that were swollen and glistening with her juices. I slid my tongue all the way up as I savoured her taste. This was amazing and I still could believe it was happening.. I ate her pussy, licking and sucking at her clit, sliding my tongue in and out.. I stood up, dropping my pants.. My dick was throbbing, she let a long line of spit run down onto her fingers n took my thick long shaft out of my pants n coated the head of my cock with her saliva... I slid the tip

of my dick into her moist pussy. She felt amazing.. I started moving in and out, sliding deeper into her with every thrust. The thrill of it all was so enticing and she pulled my ass so my cock went all the way inside her.. I spread her legs wider as I started fucking her. With every thrust my balls slammed against her asshole and her pussy juices creamed all over my cock. Making it nice n wet. It was such a turn on.. Harder and faster I went when she screamed with pleasure and her pussy contracted pushing my dick out, she squirted all over my dick and her juices ran down my leg.. I slid my fingers into her making her cum all over them. I tasted her juices as I licked my fingers dry..

She got on her knees in front of me and took my dick deep into her mouth.. She gagged and savoured the tasted of all her cum on my cock. As i fucked her mouth she caressed my balls n squeezed them. I squirted my cum into the back if her throat and she swallowed my hot jizz with delight. It was a great experience and we had a little more fun later on that night but thats a story for another day.