12 Mar 2017

Well where do i begin first of all we have had lots of fun so farr since we started to swing we have had some really nice experiances with guys and couples and girls just something that i cant understand is why there is so many guys out there that fuck it up for themselve by aproaching couples in the wrong way and with the things they say first off all they dont go and read our profile they just look at the pics and send a friend request bang strike one allready how do you send a friend request if you havent even met the people yet and then the guys that send us messages i will bang your wife for you and i will give her the experiance of her life that she never had or yes baby i have a much bigger cockk than your hubby i will give you the ultimate experiance single guys i am so tired of all that shit allready that is why i prefer married men that contacts us and that play alone they have respect and decent manners they 9 out of 10 aproach us in the right way it took me 12 years to convince my sexy hot blond to try the mmf 3some we allways had good hot wild sex even before the swinging lifestyle it is a big turn on for me to see someone else fuck my wife and how she enjoys another cock with mine at the same time sucking both of us and then we fucking her out of her mind making her orgasm and squirt like crazy honestly some of our best plays was the mmf experiances we had but what the guys dont understand the 2 men need to click and get along i mean after all it must be a guy that i approve and want to see fuck my wife but that is where 90 % of the single guys do it wrong they just trying to chat up the wife sending her raunchy messages and wispers and stuff and completely forget that there is a 3rd person involved and that yes pisses me off how must i connect with a guy and include him in jioning me with the love of my life my everything if he doesnt even recongnise me for example we would go into the pool and within seconds the men whil start to wisper her and then will chat to her and i dont mind that at all but they will see that i am also in the pool and they wont even greet me now from my point of view that is totally fucked up respect the fact that we are a couple and aproach us as a couple guys then you will have much more luck there is quite a lot of men out there that aproach us in the right way and you know what they ended up playing with us so guys please learn from this and keep your cock pics in a private folder rather have some nice body pics etc on your profile after all the cock is not everything and yes i do like it if a guy is self secure and honestly can say to my wife in front of me what she does to him etc and not try to contact her in private etc and that shit and then guys we do put in a lot of effort from our side as well to meet single guys as well but sometimes it looks to me like you guys want it to be served to you on a golden plate for example then we will chat to a guy from capetown and then tell him ok cool we want to meet you lets meet halfway we will travel from pe to moselbay and then you can travel from capetown to moselbay and then we can book a place there for the night and they will just say no its to far wtf so you think we must only put in some effort from our side that doesnt work for me you know what for 95 % of the guys that was willing to try and make a plan we went the extra mile and met them in capetown or johannesburg etc and then yes each and every 3 some we had was different and that is nice it is never the same every person does something different to the other so the enjoyment and plessures is all differentand yes there was some mindblowing experiances we had together and then the others that we put a mental block out on guys and then from my side we ask you to jion us for a 3 some meaning the 3 of us together both of us involved with her 90 % of the time i am not into cuckolding and just sit and look so if you want that pass us by then have respect for my wife she is the mother of my children the woman i chose to spend my entire life with i love her endlessly so for me to share her with you i must see that you have respect for her and me after all we are talking about sharing my wife my life with you so all the guys out there single or married if you think you agree with me then you are most welcome to contact us and who knows mabey we will have lots of funn and orgasms and cumshots together regards mr player