27 Feb 2017

True story from 20 years ago when we were in our 20's. We were all in our third year of studying and were taken to a lodge near a big 24/7 plant as part of their back up plan during sensitive wage negotiations that were possibly going to break down.

After 3 days of waiting around for the call to jump into the operation. Nothing happened and being students we decided booze wasn't a bad idea on the afternoon of day 4. We got slightly hammered. Our unit had 4 guys sharing. One of the guys brought his girlfriend to join him that evening.

After a long afternoon of getting sozzled on tassies and chateau libertas the boys decided to go and look for pizza I didn't go and for some reason can't remember why I didn't.

I stayed behind and no sooner than they had left did the one guy's girlfriend come to the lounge and sat down. 4 sentences into the conversation she said I want you to fuck me. I thought I was hearing things. Stuff like that never happens to me. It was like I was having a dream. She took me to their room and even gave me a condom to put on. Didn't even undress and hastily slipped the condom on. I knew the guys weren't going far so didn't have much time. It's a bit hazy but I remember just ramming her with her legs around my neck and remember the sounds of her moans and her touching herself. About 10 mins later I heard footsteps and hastily pulled up my pants and retreated back to the lounge without coming. I had pizza for dinner condom on and all that night. Only took it off much later when I could get away. We left 2 days later and never saw that girl again.