Written by Mister_Magic

03 Oct 2017

My ex came to see me one morning, she and a old friend of ours that we played with very regularly and often when we were together, that I had sadly lost contact with.

As happy as I was to see this old friend of ours (not so happy to see my ex though #LOL) I had the day off and had already made plans for the day, I was expecting a friend of mine with benefits in the next hour or so, for some play time that we had arranged two days ago.

I tried to hint, but they were stubborn and didn't catch on. Considering we had a history, and they both new my freaky side very well, I was honest with them. I came straight out with it, and told them I was expecting some company for some play time, and still needed to shower before she got here, so if they didn't mind ...

The two of them seemed very intrigued, and wanted more information. So I humored them and we spoke, and I told them about this friend, and all the weird and wonderful things we would do behind closed doors.

And then our old friend came up with the bright idea, that it would be nice to have a play date like we used to in the past. My ex and I weren't to keen on the idea, considering we were over and we didn't want open up any old doors.

But our friend was persistent, and tried everything to convince us. Then my ex said that "well I must admit, the one thing I do miss about you is they way used to do me. Nobody has ever been able to make me do the things you made me do, and actually enjoy it" I must admit the look on her face when she said this, made my think back to those days with her, and I couldn't help give it some consideration, cause damn she and I made a mean team behind closed doors.

So against my better judgment, I agree. I call the friend that I was meant to hook up with and canceled. She wasn't too impressed with me, but ja, what else could I do.

The two ladies and I continue chatting, and they tell me about there play dates, and our friend starts telling us how she's got her hubby to be more opened minded, and try new things that he never imagined he would ever be doing.

She said she was very shocked and surprised, when she and her hubby had a threesome with another guy, and she convinced him to allow the other guy to touch him, and even to get him to touch and play with the other guy in return.

She knew she was pushing it, and didn't expect him to like it. But to her surprise, he actually enjoyed it, so much so that they had a MMF three some another four times there after, and were very interested in doing it again, and again, and yes even again.

Both ladies were shocked when I told them I did the same, and that I too also thought it wasn't that bad. It wasn't my most favorite thing in the world, but it also wasnt something I wouldn't be open to doing again. They were surprised by this, because both of them, particularly my ex in the time we were together tried so hard to get me to try this, and fool around with another guy she even offered to coach and teach me what to do, and how to do it if I felt I was to nervous or scared to do it, and that she would be there with me every step of the way, but I would never agree. So they were not only surprised, but they were also turned on by the idea, like I mean seriously and heavily turned on.

So my ex starts rubbing her own thighs, think everyone was abit nervous after not having played with each other for more than three years, so we were abit conservative at first. But then I pulled down the arm strap of our friends tank top, which exposed her beautiful rounded breast, with that cute and small pinkish nipple of hers.

As my fingers start swirling around her nipple, her hand ventures down to cock and she strokes it waking him up, with in moments my cock was wide awake and ready to take on the world.

That's when my ex loosened my pants, and carefully pulled out my cock. The moment the ladies saw my cock, and felt it and its strength in their hands as they touched it for the first time again in three years, all resistance crumbled. Its like we picked up where we left off those three years ago, and the steamy hot and electrifying fun began.

I exploded my first load after the first 20mins, damn I thought they would be disappointed that I came so quickly, but my ex lost her mind and jumped to get as much of my load as she could, this was something new, I don't remember her ever doing that before.

I barely had a chance to recover, and round two begins. This round lasted much longer, for two hours in fact. Goodness we had fun, I forgot how gifted and talented my ex was, damn she made do things I even forgot I knew how to do, and our friend clearly learned a thing or two over the past three years, cause she did things that she never did to me or with us before. By the time I came, the ladies had also just about had there fill, everyone was satisfied and smiling from ear to ear.

We all cleaned up, and the ladies left. An hour later our old friend pulls up to my house again, we chatted for a while, this time freely cause my ex wasn't there ... But it didn't take us to long, till we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves any longer.

She sat me down, pulled my pants and boxer completely off my body leaving me completely naked from the waste down, then she very seductively undresses her self in front of me, till she's wearing nothing else but her panties, and her bra. She gets comfortable between my legs, and very slowly and softly starts lavishing my cock with her tongue and lucious lips.

While she's slowly sucking and licking my cock and balls, she starts a conversation. She asks me if I was serious about having experimented with another guy, and she asked me about my experience, and the more I told her about it, the more she got turned on, and the more passionately she would blow my cock.

Then with my cock still in her mouth, I looked at her and said "damn I forget how hot you look when you sucking a cock, damn baby you make giving a blow job look sexy and classy" she laughs, and says to me "funny thing, my hubby says the same thing to me every time I blow him"

Then I asked "speaking of your hubby, why did you come back? Shouldn't you be with your husband? What if calls or something" I was shocked when she told me "don't worry about him, he knows I'm here ... And to answer your next question, yes he knows what we doing rite now too"

She continued to tell me, that she told her hubby about me. They shared their inner most secrets with each other, and that he knows about everything we did. And he actually got turned on by all our tales, and play dates. And that they made a deal, there was a women that he always wanted to fuck, so she allowed him that pleasure, if he would allow her to have one more play date with me, and they agreed. And that's how she found herself sitting on the floor of my living room between my legs, with my cock in her mouth.

At this moment I tell her I'm coming, she let's go of my dick straight away and says no wait. She reaches for her phone, hands it to me, and says "make a short video recording of me blowing you, and the way you explode in my face" I found this strange, but was so caught up in the moment, that I didn't question her, and just did as I was told.

After I explode, we watched the video clip I recorded, damn it was hot, wow you could see that she was enjoying herself, and that she didn't want to stop. She kept gently playing with my now soft cock, that was soaking wet from the sloppy way she ended that blow job, which was mixed with my creamy juice.

She then asks me, do you mind if I sent this video to my hubby. I was shocked and told her are you nuts, she replies "please he actually asked me to take a few videos and pics, watching me with someone else turns him on. But he really wants to see me with you in particular, because I explained to him that you the only one that knows how to drive me crazy, and that I loose control when I'm with you. So his always wanted to see me like that, please do you mind" all I said was, but very hesitantly "eeeeer I guess so" so she sends it.

We get up, and move to the bedroom. We get comfy and the games begin once again, this time round we enjoying my favorite position, the 69 both of us are in heaven. Her phones on vibrate so I don't hear it ring, all felt was her letting go of my dick, sitting up slightly, and then I heard her speak "hello baby"

I stop to look, and she pushes her ass back in my face, almost to say DONT STOP so I continued to eat her pussy and ass like it was nobodies business ...

Still on the phone, she moans and groans so loudly and passionately and I hear her talking again "we still busy baby, yes can't you hear how good this is. Ah ah ah ah oh my God yes, baby his eating me out. Okay I'll ask him, baby I'll call you back later, I can't really talk now" and she puts the phone down, and dives back into my cock, damn I can't remember being blowed like this in a damn long time.

She jumps off me, lays on her back, Im busy getting on top of her, and she says "wait before you get in there, I want you to fuck me like this was gonna be the last fuck of your life, remember that time when your wifey left us alone and I had you all to myself for the first time. Remember how you fucked me that day, remember how you made me scream, and made me shake you for more, that's what I want, fuck me like that" I just looked at her and slowly put my cock inside her.

That warmth and moist feeling of her pussy when I entered sent me into bliss, that even I moaned and groaned ... I did it slowly, but hard and deep at the same time. Touching and stroking her thighs, nibbling on her breasts, and using my finger to tickle her little asshole all at the same time. I fucked her exactly the way she asked me to, she kept screaming "Yes! Yes! Yes! That's it, just like that, don't stop, keep doing it just like that, fuuuuuck yes"

Then she pushed me off her, laid me on my back, and she stroked my cock with her tongue, licking it like a child licking a ice cream, so slowly so that it can last longer. She loved the taste of her own pussy juices on my dick, the look on her face, and the way her eyes rolled as she licked and tastes her self on my dick, spoke a thousand words.

Then she got on top of me, but with her back facing my front, and she holds my cock firmly in hand, as she shits on it gently allowing it to slip deep inside of her. She sits still for a few moments, and let's it rest deep inside of her.

Then I get this warm sensation all over my cock, that feels like its starting to run into my balls, and she says to me "did you feel that, can you feel that, can you feel how you just made me come" she lifts up her ass at an angle, ever so slightly to let me see, and I can see how soaking wet my cock and balls were from her come.

But she starts slowly riding me again, I told her you gonna make me come like this, but she wouldn't listen. I gave a shout saying I'm coming, and she ignores it, and I explode deep inside her. She rests again for a moment, with my cock still inside her and says "ooooh I love that feeling, I can feel your juice inside of me, that explosion inside of me, damn its a feeling like no other"

We lay naked next to one another, both of us soaking wet, and drenched in both my come, and hers. I was still so hot, and I did something that I only ever did once before, and with my own come still dripping out her pussy I put my head between her thighs and ate that pussy like it was a gourmet meal.

And then she slipped down and did the same thing to my cock and balls, we basically licked each other clean. She says to me she has to leave now, and she gets dressed she asked me if I enjoyed that? I asked enjoyed what?

She said "did you enjoy licking my pussy after you came inside me" and i replied by saying "well it was certainly different, I don't even know why I did it, guess I just got caught up in the moment. But it wasn't that bad, its something that would take some getting used yes, but yeah, strangely enough I would say yes, I did enjoy it"

I'm still naked, she's dressed, and ready to leave and she tells me "listen my hubby said I should ask you, if you would consider joining the two of us one day soon, for some fun" this took me by surprise, but yes I was game.

She continued to say "before you just agree, it may not be what you think. My hubby was hoping that when you joined us, that it would be an open minded affair, and that you two guys would be able to have as much fun together, as you would have with me" that's when I hesitated and change my mind, and said thanks but no thanks, maybe at a later stage perhaps.

Then she looked at me, with those kinky eyes she knew I couldn't resist and starts negotiating with me, she says

"if you agree to join us, you wouldn't be doing it for him, you would be doing it for me, this is something that I really want to do, and I want to do it with you. And if you do it, I promise I'll make it worth your while. I'll give you the one thing I know you always wanted, but could never have"

I said "well now, and what mite that be" and she replied by saying "my ass, I'll give you my ass to do with as you please, and for however long you please. I know you want my ass, you've always wanted it, we both know it"

Boy was she rite, I always wanted to fuck her ass so badly, but that was the one area that was off limits with her, so my curiosity got the better of me, and I told her.

"If I agree, there's are two none negotiable's and those are. I don't mind being the one doing the fucking, but I will not be the one that gets fucked"

She says deal, cause my husband too, he also won't allow you to enter his ass. So that won't be a problem ...

I go onto to say "the second thing is, I guess I can't get out of the having to blow him, so okay I'll agree to that, but no come anywhere near my mouth and lips, in fact he should keep his come as far away from my face as possible"

She said well I'm sure that would be something he could live with, so do we have a deal then she asks. And I agreed, and said yes, let's do this.

We then and there made arrangements for the next evening, at there place ... But that's another story entirely, and will follow in a part two to this story.

... To be continue ...