Written by redbruce

12 Aug 2013

This happened a few months back (in the summer time), at one of my favourite watching locations. Those of you who know me and follow my forum posts will know exactly where it happened!

There had been some discussion and banter on the SH Forum about whether dogging actually happened in South Africa, and why didn’t someone organise something! “He” then joined the forum thread out of the blue, stating he and his girlfriend would be at that site that evening, as she had expressed her fantasy of wanting to be watched by a bunch of guys, and wanting to make it happen.

I immediately sent him a private message, saying I was serious about wanting to watch, and would definitely be there! I described myself and my vehicle, so he would be able to recognise me. He replied later in the day, saying they would be there at 7pm, and described his car (quite a common brand and colour) and an identifying mark on it, which would help me with recognition. We agreed the general area where we would meet up, and he said not to approach until the interior light was turned on.

I got there about 15 minutes early, got out of my vehicle and walked around waiting. At almost exactly 7pm in drove the right type of vehicle. My adrenaline levels shot up! He drove up and right past me, and then went and parked maybe 15-20m away, reversing into position so he could drive off easily. It was twilight, and also with the reflections of the trees and sky on the windscreen I could not be certain if the interior light was on yet or not, so I waited a bit.

Quite soon the light came on, I could clearly see a male and a female sitting in the car, and then it seemed to go off again. I decided “Now or never”, and moved in. As I got closer, I could see that the light was actually on, but that particular car has a “dimmed” and “bright” interior light, and he had turned it to bright to attract my attention, then back to dim again. When I got to his door, she was already busy with her head in his lap, licking his exposed dick which was already erect and quite a good size. It was not fully dark outside, so he could see me probably silhouetted against the evening sky, as he had reclined his seat. He looked in my direction, nodded to acknowledge my presence and smiled, but she did not look up at all. The doors and windows were closed, and stayed that way throughout.

I decided to have a look at the view from the passenger side, and walked around the back of the car and up to her side window. She was obviously facing away from me, busy in his lap. He looked across at me, and then lifted her skirt off her butt cheek to expose her, and started rubbing her crotch through her black panties. After a minute or two he moved her panty gusset aside, and started to finger her pussy, slowly at first and then with increasing intensity. I had a lovely view, as she was lying across the gap between the seats, with her bum slightly lifted. This went on for a few minutes, him fingering her and her sucking his dick. They spoke occasionally, I could hear a murmur through the closed windows, but not the detail of the conversation.

After a while, it seemed as if she decided “Let’s go for it!”. She left his dick alone and returned to her seat, so her head was no more than half a metre from mine. She smiled, and they still chatted, but still she did not look at me. She lifted herself slightly in her seat and hooked her panties and slid them off and left them in the footwell. She reached into her bag which was down in the footwell, got out a tube of something, squeezed some out onto her fingers, and then lifted her skirt and briefly rubbed it into her pussy.

He pushed his pants and jocks down to his knees. She turned and climbed over the gap between the seats, and sat down on his bare lap, facing him, feet on his seat on either side of his thighs. She lifted herself, and both he and she positioned his dick correctly, and then she slowly slid down onto him. He lifted her skirt up around her hips, so that I would have a better view. And then she started to ride him! My adrenaline was pumping!!! This was fantastic!! She rode him beautifully, slowly rising to almost let him slip out, then all the way back down again until she had him fully back in. She rode him slowly for what must have been five minutes, then started to increase in tempo so that the car was rocking and squeaking, and then suddenly it was all over…

She giggled, hopped off his lap, pulled her skirt down and returned to her seat, still not looking at me. I hoped she would put her panties back on and I would get another look at her pussy close up as she did so, but she didn’t. He pulled his pants back up, zipped up, raised his car seat back to the upright position, started the car, turned on the lights and drove off, turning off the interior light as he did so.

And so they just disappeared! I had hoped we would be able to chat once they were finished (I enjoy the chatting as well as the watching!), but it was all quite impersonal, not a word was spoken, and she deliberately never looked at me or even acknowledged that I was there (there was no way she could NOT have known I was there – she was just avoiding eye-contact).

And I was the ONLY one there! It seems that a few of our SH colleagues had been there earlier, before he and she arrived, hoping to enjoy the action, but had not known when to expect them or who they were waiting for, and had left without seeing anything. I was the only one to have this fantastic viewing experience, all on my own!

When I corresponded with him the following day, he said that his girlfriend had been a bit disappointed that she didn’t have a “crowd” of onlookers, but he also said that that evening she had been the “wettest I have ever experienced her to be”, so it seemed that she still enjoyed the “rush” of being watched, even if just by one “mature” gentleman! We discussed doing it again, and I said I would try to organise a few of my SH mates to join me and provide her with the crowd she was hoping for, but they later baled and the follow-up never happened. But it was a superb once-off viewing experience for me! Almost like being alone at a waterhole in Kruger Park when a herd of rhinos with calves comes down to drink and play in the mud - only MUCH better!!!! Much much better!!