Written by Baklava

12 Nov 2013

A lovely sunny Sunday in Cape Town and I called my gay friend to have lunch. Let me paint the picture. I am 38 divorced, appearance, good I suppose!,! During my married life I was extremely faithful and would never have dreamed of this. My husband never respected the e institution of marriage and never made me feel sexy and would always push this and other points... We'll after my divorce, I made a bucket list and this is the first fantasy complete.

Getting back to Sunday. Lovely day, beautiful weather and I met my gay friend for lunch? After an extremely boozy lunch we went to another bar, had tequila and chatted. Whilst chatting, a guy, 33, walked in and being buoyed by tequila and sun I told him to sit down. He was hot. Greek God hot. At first he paid attention to my friend, I figured he was gay. More tequila, sun and laughter and we are leaving. He was gorgeous. We decide to go to my friend who lives alone, has a garden and pool, all secluded. By this stage I am very horny. As we chatted the Greek god reveals he is bisexual. At this stage I have not yet processed what lies ahead. We get home. We take our clothes off. I dive into the pool. My friend starts to suck his cock. The atmosphere and the fact that I have never experienced this turns me on.

I watch in fantasy, I am dripping. All caution falls to the wind. The Greek God looks at me. "Oh you are so sexy and hot, your pussy is dripping, you are amazing, open your legs" he says. I sit in front of them and gently rub myself. He bends over and teases my pussy whilst still being licked my friend. I have never felt so sexy and never felt so turned on. My legs open wider. He bends over and starts to lick me. I am extremely sexual and now I am so horny. I look at his hard cock, take it from my friends mouth and start to suck this young Greek God. He starts to moan, his cock starts dripping with pre cum. He is still

fingering my pussy and I am writhing in pleasure. He grabs me, turns me around and starts to fuck me hard. My gay friend sits next to us and wanks himself. By now I am so wet, so turned on and his cock is filling me up. I don't let him come how. I move away, fetch my dildo and lie in front of them while my friend sucks his cock and he watches me fuck myself with my dildo.

Let me explain again. Once I start to come I do not stop. I continue to come with me dildo, over and over. My young and sexy Greek God watches in awe. He can't anymore. Now my gay friend is no longer turning him on and he focuses on me, my dildo and my wet pussy. The Greek takes control, opening my pussy wider, shoving his cock into me hard, fucking my dripping pussy, while I scream, coming over and over. I don't stop begging him for more and more. There is a mirror in my lounge and he turns me so that I can watch as he makes me come. He takes his cock from my pussy and comes all over my breasts.

He picks up the dildo, my gay friend watches and comes, moaning as he watches the Greeks cock and the way he teases and drives me insane and makes me and scream. On a night when I am horny and very turned on, I can come 15 times,minimum, not a word of a lie. I move my pussy from the Greeks hard cock and suck him. I give his cock to my friend who sucks him. But by now my nakedness, me fingering my pussy and cumming over and over, drives the Greek over the edge. He fucks me again. And I mean hard and fast, then slowly. He teases my pussy and then takes me to the bedroom. He fucks me, doggy style, from behind and from the side. At this stage I fantasise about someone catching us. My gay friend watches, getting turned on by the Greeks cock. We fuck, we suck and I keep cumming. My gay friend comes again.

Eventually, because my gay friend is receiving no attention and the Greek is fucking, licking and sucking me, my friend retires. I go to my bedroom and whilst they say goodnight, I fuck myself over and over and come more and more. My dildo is working my pussy and I fuck myself with it, he fucks me with it and we come. I need to go to the shop, it is late and I just pull a light short dress over my body and my dripping pussy. I get in me car and start fingering myself while driving. I go to the shop naked underneath. While driving a take pictures of my pussy and send them to him, playing with myself all the time.. I finger myself, take movies of me cumming and send them.

I get back and just strip again and sit on the Greeks still hard cock. We fuck with abandon. My gay friend is in his room now as the Greek wants me. It's is now 3 am and we have fucked long and hard. It's work tomorrow but I can't stop. I dissapearto my bedroom, lie on my bed and again fuck myself with my dildo and I come over and over.....

I tease the Greek, make his cock drip and suck him. As soon as he is horny, he fucks me again. I just keep cumming, keep yelling for more of his cock. This goes on until the sun comes up.We watch porn, he bends me, fucks me and tells me how hot I am. I have never felt sexier. I have never felt such a hard big cock. A man who is so turned on by me. Such a hot young guy who is amazed by my sexuality. I have never felt better. I take some pictures of him, his cock and him fucking me. I never before realised I turned men in so much. I have never been told how sexy I am and how sexy my pussy is and how I turn men on. The Greek god eventually tires but I am still horny. I fuck myself over and over with my dildo. I can hear them listening to me. No exaggeration, I must have come 30 times.

We must go to work, it's Monday morning.

I must take them home. The young Greek asks for my number. On the drive home he tells me that he has never experienced an older woman who is so horny and who comes so much. For the last time, dressed in my very corporate attire and on my way to some very important meetings, in the car, I take his hand, open my legs and while driving, put his hand between my legs. He touches my pussy, it is so wet again, shoves his fingers into me and in the rush hour traffic on the way to town, I come while driving.

My gay friend, in the back of the car wanks himself and watches. I drop them off and go to work. It was only a Sunday afternoon lunch and in my wildest dreams I never thought I would and could be a wild and sexy vixen...

I have his number and if I should ever need some eye candy for a date, he has said he would oblige.