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19 Feb 2020

A Strange Relationship - part 2

Our second date


5 minute read

Previous story in series A Strange Relationship - part 1

What I omitted in my first instalment was that, after Richard had added his load to mine in Jenny, we had to stop and clean up. This was because my wife was due in 30 mins. That should not have been a problem as my wife and I had agreed, at the time of my first affair, to have an open marriage. In fact it was her idea. At the time of that affair (with someone from work), she had changed jobs and had fallen head over heals for her boss. He felt the same but, before doing anything physical, she wanted to tell me and get my permission. That was so sweet of her. I do not have a jealous gene in my body and I immediately agreed. I also used the occasion to confess to her about the work affair and she said “Oh, I know all about that”. I was gobsmacked. How did she know? It transpires that I came home once with some spunk on my tie (caused, I realised afterwards, by a messy eruption after a blow job in the car in a multi story car park in Oxford!). On examining the garment she also smelt the very distinctive perfume of the girl from work who had given me head that evening, whom she had met once before at a function. Busted! Anyway, trying to end this digression, we had not talked about the arrangement for a long time and I did not want to just spring this on her. Later, when I did tell her, she also said she already knew! Women are sooo perceptive. So, on with the history. The three of us did not get together again until a few weeks later. We used the excuse of another computer problem for me to go around to Jenny and Richard’s (Microsoft’s crappy software was so helpful to geeks who wanted to misbehave!). We actually did spend some time on the computer. Jenny had recently got one of those newfangled digital cameras. She and Richard had been experimenting with it and wanted a way of hiding certain photos stored on it from anyone else using the computer! Looking at them put us in the mood. They left me at the computer while they asked me to give them a few minutes. I was then called upstairs to the main bedroom. Another surprise! I found Jenny completely naked and spread eagled on the bed, tied by ropes to each corner of the metal frame. This was great, and a couple of firsts for me. First time with a woman tied up (I have not looked back!) and first time having sex with a woman at the same time as someone else. We did the usual (I am guessing) - we took turns caressing and licking her, fucking her and having her suck us. She had several very wet cums from my licking but, sadly I thought, none from her boyfriend. Novelty really helps one to cum, it appears. After a while I think she was getting tired and she asked us to both cum in her at the same time. I fucked her while Richard wanked off into her mouth. He came first and the sight of her gobbling his spunk, not surprisingly, made me shoot my load about 20 seconds behind. As I collapsed on her she told me to kiss her. I hesitated only slightly before snogging her spunky mouth. I was no stranger to semen - I went to an English all boys school and there was much sucking off. And, as there is an incredible aphrodisiac in semen and I did not go soft but started fucking her again, rather roughly, much to our mutual surprise, and in a few minutes we both managed another cum - my fastest ever second cum since I was a teenager. I was really starting to enjoy this kinky sex stuff! We then had a break as we needed refreshment. As you do in England, we thought fish and chips would be ideal. Richard agreed to go and get them. While he was gone, Jenny and I went downstairs and prepared drinks, warmed plates etc. We finished before he got back so spent the rest of the time on the sofa snogging and gently fondling. Richard came back but when he came into the room and saw us, he went ballistic. He accused Jenny of cheating on him and her preferring me to him etc, etc. This was all very uncomfortable and I offered to leave. However, he was not angry at me. I discovered that while he loved seeing his wife with other men (I was not the first they had played with) he really hated the idea of not being involved. This became a constant thorn in the side of the affair. However, this outburst was soon over and it did not stop the playing. After a lovely meal (medium cod and chips with mushy peas), Jenny tried to get Richard and I to do things together (it became a constant request from her) but Richard was really not interested - he was completely bi non-curious. He did not want to touch me or be touched by me. This was well illustrated by a funny incident that same evening. Jenny really liked things up her bum and, after dinner, she got out a pack of candles (standard long white ones, like we use for load shedding times). I asked if I could have one (sucking was not the only thing I learnt to do at school!). So, her and I ended up lying on our backs on the living room floor, legs entwined, wanking and gently buggering ourselves while Richard, sat on the other side of the room watching us and wanking, but without the help of a candle. Anyway, maybe it was something I had eaten but I suddenly had to fart and the candle shot out of my ass and across the room directly at Richard. I have never seen anyone move so fast! There was no way this thing that had been in me was going to be allowed to touch his skin! After that we fell about laughing and the erotic mood was broken. It was a few more months before we saw each other again, this time on a road-trip to the South of France to visit our boats, when I learned so much more about Jenny’s kinks...

Tags: anal, bicurious, bondage, cum, mmf

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