Written by Candi

01 Sep 2014

One slightly neglected wife, with mild OCD tendencies.

One Trouble Maker, with an insatiable sex drive.

Put them together and you have, a bit of a cliche, but also, some explosive sex.

Doesn't matter too much how they ended up together, that's not the fun part. The fun parts happen when they ARE together. When they get together, the mild OCD gets beaten. Literally. She likes to be spanked. And whipped. And tied up. She likes leather belts and crops. She likes them even more when they whistle down, to spank her ass red.

He is so confident. While they're together, She is his girl. He likes to fuck his girl hard. Hard and fast. But first he plays with her.

Kneeling on the bed, head down, ass up. Her hands cuffed between her legs. Ankles strapped behind her. He pulls at her g-string, makes it slide between her pussy lips. She's already wet enough to take him, but he makes her wait.

With no warning, a sharp slap on her ass. It makes her feel hot and cold. She hopes he won't do it again. She can't wait for him to do it again.

He doesn't give her time to figure it out, he's putting something inside her! One vibrator up her ass, one in her pussy. She feels like she's in sensory overdrive, ass stinging, vibrations pushing her towards the edge. He replaces the vibrator in her pussy with his cock. Slamming into her from behind. Not letting up, They have the whole weekend, they've only been in the hotel room for an hour...