Written by Banxxx

03 Feb 2017

It was a boring Friday evening and had no plans for the evening, sitting home watching the telly... Just before I decided retired to bed I decided to pop by SH one last time, it was around 9pm. To my luck I found a couple under the "dogging" section, they were in town for the evening... so I decided to drop them a message, to my luck they responded immediately... We coordinated and agreed to meet up at a secluded spot for a meet up, unfortunatly the spot was not conducive so we decided to look for a watering hole for a drink... we ended up at a local joint which was quiet hectic, we decided to have a round of drinks whilst we got to know each other, we got to k ow each other over drinks.... it was actually a lovely meet and greet as we sipped an chatted away. As I offered another round, Mrs declined to my dismay and then asked if I would like to join them in their room to my elation, and ofcourse I gladly obliged. Mrs was a STUNNING and SEXY lady with long black her, a gorgeous body and the personality to match... Not forgetting Mr was quiet the gentlemen, very knowledgeable and calm... so off we went to their spot for the night... we arrived and I followed them to their room with a view of the city (their room was at the top of a hill with a view of the entire town lit up), Mr popped a bottle of bubbly whilst Mrs went to freshen up and prepare herself for the pleasure coming her way, we continued to chat as we awaited Mrs, trying my absolute level best to contain my excitement.

Mrs returned looking all ready for fun. Well before we could get half way through our bubbly, Mr slowly approached Mrs and began to play with her... he carressed her ever so gently in my full view, and it was obvious that he was pushing all the right buttons... a few moments later Mr hinted that I should approach and join in... without hesitation I approached the bed and began to gently touch her silky soft skin and slowly but gently began to eat her out (I love nothing more than to please a woman with my tongue)... Boy was she delicious, Mr and I began to take turns as she sucked both our cocks... the contrast of black and white was absolutly amazing!!! Mrs had all her hands full as she sucked on my rock hard member, Mr entered her from behind, her moans of pleasure were almost enough to lead to ecstacy. After a few minutes it was my turn to please this gorgeous beauty, whilst Mr enjoyed her from the front. It had been a while since Ive been so excited, I was worried that I could not contain myself... we continued to take turns pleasing this goddess as she moaned and groaned with pleasure, after a while of good banging, hubby blew his load on her back which was just so visually entycing... Truth be told, I was releaved that I was not 1st to cum as I didnt want to dissapoint seeing that I was there for her pleasure... I continued to please the Mrs until without warning she withdrew a full load from my excited being, i can honestly say I believe my one foot took a step in heaven... my toes cringed as I released a fresh warm load ... it took us a few minutes to compose ourselves as we finished off our bubbly and chatted a bit more... unfortunatly it was getting pretty late and we were all pleased and we decided to part ways... I can confidently say, that was one of the best nights ever, that started so randomly... I sure am looking forward to them visiting again because I hope to show them a good night around town again... it was absolutly AMAZING!!!

I can honestly say 2 things make great times (my personal opinion ofcourse) 1. Spontaneous get togethers and secondly, interracial fun - its something one must try at least once in their life - if you never try you will never know...

Thanks for reading... ciao