Written by LickSuck69

08 May 2017

Most people on earth have got a show no matter what kind of show it was, that they will never forget, no matter how long ago the show took place, and always tops their list. While managing a hotel in Boksburg close too a railway station and frequented by the miners of the area, the patrons asked me if I could organize a strip show for them, since all of the other venues had one during the week. So in consultation with the owner and his son, we went a head with their request and planned one for a Friday afternoon. With the show taking place in the dance venue and able to host between seventy five to a hundred patrons, it proved to be be a major success and be came a permanent form of entertainment for the patrons of the hotel. With weeks passing by, and becoming more and more popular, the wives approached me to organize a ladies night for them, which we duely did, and drove the ladies wild with desire, and couldn't wait to see who would be preforming for them the following week.

The strip show of the Friday afternoon became more and more demanding and the patrons wanted more and more sexy ladies to preform. Fortunately the owner's son Nick had all the contacts for the best ladies, the ladies came from the top agency. The shows were not just quick strip and go, the dancers would always take one of the men from the audience to participate with them, but would never get to a stage of been crude or vulgar. Placing the participant on to a stool, sitting and facing the audience, she would strip him down, until he was left sitting in his jock, and she would strip down to the tune of the music, until she was left standing in her sexy "G String" and would start massaging the lucky man on the stool and driving him wild with desire to just want to suck on her pussy, then sitting on his lap and massaging his cock with her butt and his cock getting more and more erect and almost popping out his jock she would get up and remove her sexy G String and would be left standing in the nude, she would do a handstand, with her legs falling back on to his shoulders and her sexy wet pussy against his lips, after licking against her lips she would spring back to the floor and would leave the stage to the roar of more. Of all the dancers there will always be one that would always be more popular than the others an that was Dancer Gigi. Gigi was very popular with the patrons and had been to the hotel on a good couple of occasions, she was very difficult to book, because her show was very naughty, getting more involved with her audience and driving them wild with her very sexy body. After stripping down herself and her partner from the floor, she would rub him down with oil and he would rub her down as well, both bodies glittering in oil, Gigi would push him down to the floor and would massage his body with hers and sitting on his face and force him to suck her pussy, otherwise he would not be able to breath, and playing with his balls and his cock, and nibbling on his ear, slowly lifting her self from the floor, she would pull him on to his feet start playing with his cock again and pulling out his cock and give it a good few sucks before she left the stage, this all done to the music of the Donner Summer's song "Love To Love You Baby."

Knowing that this would be my last Friday working at the hotel, before moving to Cape Town, Nick organized Gigi to come and do the show and informed her to pick me out from the audience and lead me on to the stage. Not knowing what their plans were, I put the music on and at the start of Gigi's theme tune Love to Love You Baby." Gigi made her grand entrance and walk straight over to me, and pulled me by my tie and onto the stage, and started stripping me down, with my clothes going in all directions until I was left standing naked except for my bikini jockeys. Gigi starts rubbing me down with her oil, first from my shoulders, my arms, back and chest leading on to my legs, down she goes, thinking lucky she left my cock alone, up my legs she goes and into my jockeys, rubbing my cock and balls full of oil, Gigi slowly starts stripping with her one hand while she is playing with my cock with the other hand, until she is left standing starkers in front of me. Pushing me, to be seated on the chair, Gigi does a hand stand and falls with her legs on my shoulder and her body facing the audience and her pussy right in my face and everyone yelling suck...suck that pussy while you can, getting ready to suck on her pussy, Gigi throws her legs forward and lands on her feet again, while she is dancing and playing with her perky breast, I think how did I let that chance go missing.....returning to me on the chair, Gigi sits on top of my horny rock hard cock, and pushes her breasts against my body and nibbling on my ear, making me more and more horny, and trying my best not to cum. Gigi realizing what she is doing to me, stands up and dances while playing with her breasts and pussy to the screaming cheers of the horny men in the audience. With the music coming to an end Gigi takes me by the hand and takes a bow and we leave the stage. Upstairs I go tho have a shower to rid me of the oil, while standing under the water, I hear the door of the shower room open, and standing in front of me is sexy nude Gigi. Gigi looking straight into my eyes, she said after all the torcher I have put you through, I thought it just fair that we finish our show in the shower, so hopefully you will let me. Joining me in the shower, Gigi grabs hold of my cock and I start playing with her pussy, rubbing her pussy with my hand and pushing my fingers between her lips and into her pussy, causing Gigi to arch her back, I drop to my knees and start to lick and sucking on her now very warm and wet pussy. Gigi starts getting more and more horny, she steps onto her toes and pushes up on my shoulders with her hands, going more and more wild, knowing all to well that any minute she will be squirting all over me. Suddenly the taste of squirt hits my lips, causing me to pull her pussy tight against my face causing me unable to breath. Gigi drops to the ball of her feet and her hands on my head and her fingers brushing through my long blonde hair, saying just how I imagined how the show would end.