22 Jun 2016

so it was time for the royal show in pmburg recently . I exhibit some animals each year . wont say what type ..then I will be recognised here . but we daily have young kids come in the hall...with the mommies and some dads . this tall mommy about 36 were very keen to buy her kids one of my animals . she is a looker !! so we chatted and I gave her lotso info . I asked about the dad , as they usually object . she said ..like agh he is always on golfcourse , he wont care . so we arranged she pay and come collect pet later . she arrived as we were closing and I had it ready for her. I offered to carry the box for her . she thanked me as she carried other stuff . her kids already went home with other family . we took short cut via the cattle area . it was a day before cattle arrived ...still clean and lots of hay . I joked about a roll in the hay ..as im a city boy and always wondered about it . she looked at me with lusty eyes . her 36 boobs were now rock hard and perty nipples showing . she walked to a dark corner and said ..come here city boy .

we put the stuff down and she kissed me . damm that was good . I pulled her closer and she rubbed her pubic area hard onto my hard cock . mmmm she said ..u want a farm lass to teach u ? I moaned as she took my cock out and sucked the head . we fell onto the hay and got tangled in lust. her jeans went next . she rode my mouth ...me licking her clit and soppy wet cunt . the she turned around ..riding me cow girl ..with back to me ...rubbing her own clit same time ..I sqeezed the nipples as she got to orgazmo land in a few seconds . then she got off..and on her back...saying ..fuck me now slow and long ...well we fucked and fucked . in the end I took her to her car and got a big kiss . my cock couldn't believe his luck . I was very busy at show and sort of forgot about her . last day she popped in ...low cut shirt .. hell hot as ever . she gave me her card with celno and address on....inviting me to her place the next Friday evening ...then shocked me ...saying ..we will play in the jacuzi on the farm as the kids will be away...and her husband likes to watch tall older guys fuck her ...then he joins in too.....mmmm will tell you about that 3sm next time...