12 Sep 2019

That First Kiss

The lead up

The plan, or so I was informed, was for us to meet at a club as part of a group made up of three couples. We were to make up the third couple. We had never met before, not in the Cyber world, or in person. So the game was set in motion, not by me however, but one of the couples whom I knew, & the other couple were friends of hers. They added us to a social media group so that we could get to know each other online prior to our planned evening. I had never been to a swingers club before, & quite frankly, it wasn’t something that I was too interested in. The only reason I had agreed to go was because I found myself rather attracted to this woman with whom I was supposed to have a blind date. I had also never before been on a date set up by other people on my behalf, so that too added to my intrigue.

As the weeks went by, the group chat begun to work on my nerves. Every few minutes my phone going ‘beep beep beep’, taking away valuable time & concentration from my business. My date too didn’t seem very active on the group, so inevitably, we started chatting in private, & it came to light that she didn’t really want to visit the club either. She had been there once before, & didn’t enjoy it all that much. So we both decided to leave the group but continue chatting privately.

I of course dived right in! Flirting with her and making my intentions very clear right off the bat. To which she responded by making a countdown of the days until our first meeting was to take place. I was to go to her, which was not just around the corner! She lived a good 200km plus from me. But hell, what a man will do to lay his hands on a beautiful voluptuous woman?!?! Long black/red flowing hair, smooth skin, Lovely smile & eyes which could look right through a man’s walls, notwithstanding, adorned with a pair of boobs to make any man drool! You get the picture… I would be on my way soon enough, once again, faced with meeting someone new.

As the time got nearer, the messages got more intense, the Cyber sex got wetter and wetter, and the countdown seemed to slow to a halt, especially in those last few hours of me packing & leaving home. So, on a lovely cool August mid morning, I began my journey toward her. Grooming myself properly, as I am not one for hair in all the wrong places & making sure that when I did get to wrap my arms around her, I would not need to spend more time than necessary for her to see me as planned, naked, bare & vulnerable... Off I went, to meet the one who would hopefully allow me into her world so that we could both grow, cross boundaries & awaken sleeping fantasies which had held us closed behind cages of societal steel and concrete.

As I drove up her driveway, she stood in the doorway, & before I even opened my door I knew exactly what I was going to do. I got out & walked right up to her, before too many uncomfortable “hello’s” and “eyes averted or locked” could find a way for our ego’s to get in the way, I wrapped my arms around her & kissed her hard & deep! My hips thrust hard into hers & my cock instantly tingled with the warmth of her breasts against my chest. Sliding my hands down her back & onto her bum, I pulled her clothed hips toward me & kissed her a little harder than the initial contact. I felt, rather than heard the moan deep in the back of her soul as our lips joined & our tongues locked in unison, our grinding gently yet wantonly. She dragged me inside, locking the door behind us & prodded me inside with a shy, yet knowing what she wanted kind of attitude.

I went in willingly, dreamily & filled to the brim with lust & desire for this woman! This woman whom I had never before laid real life eyes on, nor heard the sound of her voice, let alone felt the beauty & absolute wonder of her amazing body against mine! I was drunk with it all & knew that no matter what happened from this moment on, she would play a role in my life which would be undeniable & unforgettable.

The first hurdle

I turned to find her right behind me, leading her toward the lounge, we instantly embraced again, her nipples hard against my chest, my cock pulsing with excitement & raw lust. Almost clumsily we fell to the couch, hands exploring, mouths searching mouths, eager to be unclothed so as to KNOW exactly who we were.... As we started removing items of clothing from each other, almost to the point where we were both naked, except for her blouse, she stopped me dead in my tracks! Oh Oh, I thought... What had I done wrong, I was naked at this point, and the heat we generated warmed the room and turned us almost into animals, acting on nothing more than base line instinct... She did not want me to remove her blouse, she did not want me to bathe my eyes over her magnificence, and I was for a moment, weakened by the idea of not being allowed to see, touch, kiss and explore her in her entirety. Just for a moment mind you, for in the very next breath, I accepted that she after all is a woman of desire, and her boundaries, fears and complexities are hers alone. To be respected and admired by me either way. The hurdle, was forgotten, and I knew that I would have to be patient, caring, loving and understanding with her if we were to launch the proverbial “us” into any sort of future. I took her face in my hands and pulled her toward mine, kissing her very sensually, not needing to say a word about her fears, just a deep, loving kiss of acceptance of who she is, and what she is about.

She took my hand as she stood up off the couch and led me in front of her to her bedroom... She had collapsed within, just as I had, and the time was upon us to enter her chamber of explorative passions!

The Consummation

Her bedroom was lit by a single lamp on the bed-stand. A light breeze filtering through an open window. Gentle browns and creams adorned the bed and the room for all intensive purposes was exactly as I had hoped for. Warm and cosy, loving and lady like, with a hint of naughtiness subtly touching my inner conscience... Not enough to scream it from the mountain tops, but just enough to hint that this is exactly where I wanted to land up... In a ‘lady by day, and a naughty adventurous sexual beast of a woman by night’s room’ I was clearly in a place they call Heaven, and not one single person walking this planet could convince me otherwise! Period!

Groping, touching, kissing, fumbling & fondling, we fell to the bed, legs hugging, arms wrapping, cock throbbing & pussy pulsating with lust of the touch, the first REAL touch of what was to come! As my hand drifted down toward her wet aching pussy, my now rock hard cock pressed up against her leg, we kissed deeply again. Finding her womanhood bare and smooth, devoid of hair and warm with lust for something of mine to enter her... My finger gently rubbing her clit, her legs parting instinctively at the thought, her hips gently settling in to accept the pleasures about to overcome her body. We were free of the world and consumed by passion for each others lust. The cold August night pushed back by the heat our body’s were generating. The juices flowing and the thirst to reach the pinnacle was set to be quenched.

I decided to spend more of my time bringing her pleasure with my hands, fingers and mouth than I could with my cock. Besides, I am not one for expecting any woman to just allow me to enter her with my manhood. I am a firm believer in delivering as much pleasure to my lover as is possible, thereby not really needing to ask, expect, nor want to do more than I can with the other parts of my body. I worked her amazing pussy with my hands until my wrists burned with an ache I had not felt before. All the while her moaning and writhing body spurring me on. Her nipples as rosy as the reddest rose, perky as the perkiest nipple, inviting my mouth over and over again to swirl my tongue around them and suckle on them only as a man who loves a woman could! Her breasts are LOVELY! Mesmerised by their size and shape, I spent a lot of lustful time on them while my hands explored her body with delight, mapping her out, and burying the direction in my mind. Why you might ask? Well, There was a moment in all of this where I knew deep down that I would be back, that this was not a once off thing. This would transgress into something much more profound and meaningful. Which it did...

Nestling my body between her legs, slowly starting my downward journey toward the place where I know I will find honey and joy all in one, as well as bringing the same to her, I kissed my way over her body, tracing my tongue along her breast line, nibbling on her nipples, following the amazing contours along the path to her now wet, dripping and ready pussy... I needed to drink from her, and drink was exactly what I was going to do!

The Final Push

Nestled between her legs, my tongue hungrily lapping at her clit, working it’s way up and down the length of her now exceptionally wet & dripping pussy, she responded with whimpers of delight & deep moans of lost pleasure. My arms outstretched above her waist, grabbing as much of her breasts in my hands as possible, massaging them with each and every upward stroke of my tongue. She clamped my head between her legs & squeezed just enough to let me know that I was doing exactly the right thing... My God! The Joy!

Sliding my hands right hand down from her breast, my teeth gently, yet firmly gripping her clit between them, my tongue vigorously flipping over the top of it as I felt it grow in my mouth, I slid two fingers inside her. Her hips bucked up into me in a gesture which shouted to me to go hard and deep. Her juices running over my fingers and hand did nothing more except spur me on in an attempt to deliver to her that which I thought she was begging for... MORE! Faster I went, deeper I went, curling my fingers upward to reach that ever elusive G-spot. If only I could tickle it enough for her to really know my presence, I would have achieved a great part of my goal, but alas, it seemed as mystical & elusive as ever. Did this stop me from trying to find it within her depths? NOT AT ALL! If anything it invoked in me the desire of challenge and accomplishment of when that time would arise. I did however realize that brushing her true pleasure button would require more time & experience with her than was available to us on this first meeting. At the very least, I really believe that we both knew that this was not going to be a once off encounter. We would be seeing each other again & again in the near future... Which we did, & which in it’s own form carries many more adventures & experiences from which we both learned, loved, fucked & loved some more.

My thirst relieved, my very being now tingling with drunken desire to enter my Queen of desires honey pit with all my might & tenderness, I made my way up toward her face, her legs parted around my body, pulling my hips upward & down into her groin. My cock slid inside her, deep inside her, as deep at least as I could go. I lay still, enjoying the warmth & wet tenderness of her womanhood wrapped around me. Wrapping my arms under her shoulders, I kissed her deeply once again, the taste & smell of her sweet nectar engulfing our senses, sending us both on a journey of glorious bliss & forgetfulness of the world beyond the four walls of her love chamber! Slowly I started grinding my hips into hers, moving inside her with more I think than just lust. We had consummated before this, and the finality of where we were heading was upon us! Faster, harder, gentler again... I watched her eyes rolling back & forth, closing & opening to see my own response. Sweat was now adorning our bodies & we were truly lost in the greatness of it all!

I knew I could not carry on like this without expelling my love juices, my orgasm was upon me, & made it clear where I was heading. Faster, harder now to the point of no return! As the upward climb of orgasmic pressure rose within me, I pushed as far & as hard as I could before pulling out of her love pit & releasing my hot cum all over her tummy! My orgasm was hard & long, & the last few weeks of flirtatious energy got released onto her skin in a flow of hot white, creamy lava! As I collapsed on top of her, her arms arms embracing me, I realized the she had, through all of this, not yet reached her own orgasm... Momentarily, I wondered if it was something that I had done wrong, or if there was something I still needed to do to help her reach her pinnacle? Just as these thoughts were taking hold, she whispered to me, ‘please don’t think anything is wrong, I can take a long time to orgasm’ Whew! A sense of relief overcame me, & i knew that all it was going to take was some time, & dedication. Which of course I was more than happy to give her!

After a relaxing time of just being together, lying in bed, holding & touching each other, my hand found itself drifting once again over her body. Our eyes flitting over each other, hands groping in need of that loving touch. I began working on her clit, kissing her neck, ears, mouth, eyes & nose, wherever I could reach really. Her hips writhing under my touch as she seemed to respond eagerly to what I was doing. Faster, harder, no stopping now. Nothing gentle about rubbing her clit & watching her rise upward. I lay beside her, watching, waiting, working for her pleasure! ‘Don’t stop’ she whimpered, ‘I won’t’ I whisper kissed in her ear, & pulled her into my shoulder as I felt her body temperature rise. Her nipples perking up in front of my eyes, & I knew she was not coming back from that until it was on it’s downward spiral. Her body shook, her nipples pointed up at me, her mouth opened as eyes squeezed shut tightly. She came! Hard, beautifully, gracefully & with much needed release of her own built up pressures! It was a glorious moment! Not only for her, but also for me. It was after all my ultimate goal, the deliverance of pleasure, no matter how long it took or in what form it came. We had achieved for each other what we had set out to do.

As the light of the morning peeked its way through the night sky, we drifted off to sleep. Content, safe & most of secure in the fact that the first kiss had been a long time time coming, & a lot more firsts were still to be enjoyed.

The End

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