03 Dec 2015

It was this one late Saturday afternoon , I decided to go visit an ex-girlfriend of mine for over seven years. We sat and chilled and chatted about things in general. All the while the kids come and go out frequently. Later on her sister comes back from church and she joins us and we continue talking and laughing. After a while the sister decides to go visit a friend from church and we are left with one of the boys. Now when I say boys I am talking about teenagers and she is well in her forties. All of a sudden she decides to go play the lotto and she asks me to accompany her on condition we use two cars, hers and mine.

Now at first it didn’t make sense to me as this would be a waste of petrol. But then she insists we do. Anyway I oblige and I follow behind her, we get to the garage where she normally plays her lotto. As we drive into Shell garage, I am thinking she will look for parking. To my surprise she drives through and joins the main road again. Now we don’t stay far apart from each other. I follow her as she drives deeper into the houses and suddenly she stops. Only then I realize that she is up to something exciting and immediately I feel something grow in my pants. I get off my car to her and she asks if we can go somewhere private and I tell her to follow. We go to a street on the outskirts(now it was already dark around 8:30 PM),park our cars and she joins me in mine. This time I am so horny, I can already feel myself inside her. She says to me “Don’t you want us to be naughty tonight?” My mind starts to go on overdrive. Now although it was dark ,there was still a lot of movement around and I thought it might not be safe to do it in the car. Now I am married and my place is nearby and there was a party at my next door neighbours. And I have a double garage separate from the house.

I suggest she follow me to my place and park in front of my gate as I drive through into the garage. No one notices as there were still many people and my family was already in the house. She parks and follows me inside the garage, I lock the roller door behind. She joins me in my car sits on the passenger seat and immediately take it down. By the time I get in the car, she’s already taken off her pants and panties. She tells me how wet she is and how she’s been waiting for this moment. I move my hand to feel her unshaved pussy, she’s wet I immediately feel my hard cock push against my pants, I quickly undress and begin going down on her wet hairy pussy,my tongue quickly finds her swollen clit and separates the lips and the taste of juices fill my mouth. At that time I could hear her moans getting louder and louder,thanks to the loud music coming from next door.She begs that I fuck her,that she’s hungry for my cock and I oblige. My dick just slips into her swollen pussy and I can feel the heat coming from inside .All the while she reminds me of how we used to do it in awkward places and how she enjoyed and she continues talking dirty which makes me even hornier and I can feel my dick growing bigger inside her. I could feel her juices flowing onto the seat .We continued fucking in the same position for about half an hour to 45 mins which turns out to be her favourite until I feel her vaginal muscles contracting and I knew she was about to come,her breathing increases,she screams that she’s gonna come. Before I said anything she holds me tight and she explodes into orgasm and I released my load of cum inside her. We lay there for a while me on still on top of her and felt like it would never end. She promised we can always hook up but on condition she is the one calling for more …..I am hoping she calls soon….