Written by NoRomantic

25 Jun 2013

it's been 3 weeks feeling a man inside me (my FFM doesn't count as I wasn't fucked by the husband). So I am desperately horny by now.

A playmate A arranged to meet me, but his friend's place was unavailable, and he's too paranoid to meet at my place. I was pissed....so grabbed my phone and asked another playmate B to come over and of course he said yes.

Just before leaving A asked if I would be happy to just suck him and he'll play with me. I said, sorry meeting someone else already. All of sudden he changed his tune and asked to watch...I asked B and he said it was fine.

I arrive and jump in shower quick, pussy already smooth. B arrives and licks my pussy so fucken good, around my clit and up and down and tongue fucking my horny hole. A knocks on door, but I wasn't gona stop. He enters and comes in, watching B licking me. B lifted his head just 2 seconds greeting A and went back to licking me. B said "She gets drenched doesn't she"

A unzipped his jeans, no words were necessary, and held his cock by my face and I readily and greedily took it in my mouth and within seconds his cock grew to 3 times it's size in my mouth. B said he's gona get naked now. I got on all 4's as A lied down on bed. I sucked at his hard cock again as B put condom on and placed himself behind me. First he fingers me in my pussy and my ass while I suck. A now also finding my clit while B tells A "I'm milking her other two holes".

B then rubs his cock from my wet pussy to my ass few times and places his cock head by my ass. Now, I'm not really mad about anal, but I allow him to enter me, telling him to go slow. I've only done anal maybe 3 times in my life, so...bum still not used to being ploughed into. He slowly starts pushing in, he's moaning whispering "fuck it's so tight",as A is still rubbing my clit.

His cock fully goes in my ass and unfortunately he cums almost immediately. He always cums quick 1st time, but normally goes a 2nd time. But his fucken work phones him and he has to leave straight away.

I need to be fucked! And that's what I tell A to do. He gets behind me and B still lingers for just a few seconds watching A entering me and says "yes fuck that pussy" before leaving us to it. A puts his two fingers on my gspot and finger fucks me so good, I put my finger on clit and I am still drenched..my orgasm builds up and he comments "yes lift that ass up in air and show me that pussy cum". I start fucking his hand moving back and forth vigorously and cum with a scream...he puts his cock in my pussy and fucks away at my sensitive pussy...(I'm wet again just typing this). He wants to cum in my mouth so I take condom off and suck him hard and continuous until his cum sprays in my mouth..so much cum that I gag on his cock and his cum runs down my chin.