Written by Adrian

16 Sep 2018

Like a normal Saturday morning starts off with a leaking tap at home. So off the Builders Warehouse I go. Dressed in a normal PT short, khaki shirt and dirty old boots.

As I enter I feel the urge to take a quick leak and head into the gents. At the urinal busy doing what I went to do this big muscular handman take a peek at my semi hard cock and winks. Well I normal walk around half aroused when im a bit hung over. As he winks I ask sarcasticly “ you like what you see”. He just smiles. I just held My cock in my hand and walk into a stall backwards. To my surprise he follows and pushes the door close behind him.

Then he gets on his knees and pull my pants down. I just stood there while he took my cock in his big sturdy hands. By now I was rock hard. He gently licked the head of my now throbbing cock and the slowly took me in his mouth. His mustach tickling my shaved skin. I lost track of time but could feel my cock thurusting and building up n monster load.

He gently pressed om my balls and just as he let go I let go of n huge load of warm cum right into his mouth.

He just swallowed and slowly sucked the last drop of cum off my cock as he pulled back his head. As he got up I pulled up my pants. He just winked and walked out.

No words spoken, I did not even see him again in the store.

When I got home the Mrs asked why I had taken so long. My reply was simply tending to a leaking pipe.