05 Jun 2018

The Whatsapp messages had been getting really steamy as they planned their afternoon. Arriving home, the house was empty of extra people, perfect to take those written fantasies and start making them real.

He had the heater running in the bedroom and they both quickly stripped off. He lay her down on the bed face down and picked up the massage candle, its soy wax melted and ready. Pouring it between his hands to check the temperature, he started with long strokes up and down her back, releasing some of the tension in her shoulders and lats. His strokes moved south, rubbing up her thighs and all the way up her buttocks, spreading her cheeks and waking her erogenous zones. Back down his hands went, and on his next stroke, his hands dipped between her legs, stroking up towards her hot waiting pussy, but skirting it, touching only the outside of her lips, leaving her moaning in need as he teased her.

His strokes continued up and down her body, sometimes both hands synchronized and sometimes in counterpoint to each other. His hands left her skin momentarily and as she started to wake from the mesmerizing rhythm of his moves, she felt him spread her cheeks open. His hand spread warmed lube across her puckered asshole and she felt a slight pressure as he positioned her butt plug against her hole. Relaxed and ready, the plug lubed and slick against her skin, it slid in centimetre by centimetre until the bulk of it popped inside her, held in place by her tight muscles. That full feeling made her keen with need, his teasing having heightened her wantonness to fever pitch already.

Yet still he took his time. Turning her over he picked up the massage candle again and oiled up his hands. He continued his long slow strokes over her skin, feeling as her whole body started to heat up in lust. His hands circled her breasts, making her acutely aware of their curves, their weight. Her nipples hardened in need but he passed them by, ignoring them and making her mewl again in frustrated need. Working his way South once again, he spread her thighs wide, and lowered his face to her pussy, sucking her clit into his mouth! She sucked her breath in in shock, finally getting what she had been anticipating with barely any patience. Her body followed half a second layer, clamping tight as she orgasmed hard! Her clit was swollen, her pussy wet with her arousal. His hands snaked up to her nipples, pulling on them and pinching them and she was lost for a moment as another climax washed over her.

The time for slow measured strokes was over. Positioning himself above her, he lifted her legs high and plunged his hard cock into her waiting pussy. She enveloped it into her warm centre, her hands clawing at his ass to thrust him even deeper inside her. He held there, balls deep in her pussy for just a moment before quickening his pace, thrusting in and out, again and again as she started to clamp down on his cock. She stopped breathing, her whole body tight as a bowstring as she orgasmed, but he kept pushing through, taking her even higher than she thought possible! Eventually her breath exploded out of her and shuddering, she came down from her high.

He slowed then, grabbing a We-vibe and turning it on. He turned her over onto all fours, sliding the vibrating toy into her pussy and nestling it against her clit. Her hand gripped it tight and she had to breathe out slowly to allow her pussy to relax enough for him to penetrate her again. Her ass plugged, her clit stimulated and her pussy filled balls deep with his cock, it was all she could do to hold onto her sanity as he paused. And then he pulled back and plunged back in and she was lost. Her cries grew louder, more strident as she built to ever increasing climaxes, higher than she could remember going before. He didn't slow, pushing the plug against her puckered ass, pushing his cock into her pussy. Her head was down on the pillow and her one hand was curling into the sheets as she held onto the We-vibe against her clit, wailing as she climaxed again. This one tripped him over the edge and he grunted as he pushed into her again, his cum hot despite the furnace inside her. As he pulled out, she collapsed into a ball. He gently removed the toys but her eyes were closed, a satisfied smile on her lips.