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A perfect hello - Part 3

They had met only hours ago, even though it felt like she’d known him for years.


11 minute read

Previous story in series A perfect hello 2

Please be sure to read our first story in the "series" before this one. Find it here: Part 1: Part 2: *** The apartment building was in an old part of the city. It was not far from the museums and the gardens where tourists and office workers alike would come to soak up a few rays of autumn sun during the lunch hour. Although not nearly as old as its surroundings, the building itself was not new by any stretch of the imagination. The art deco style, polished brass trimmings on the doors and railings and the parquet flooring gave it an elegant, old worldly feel. Neither of them had been here before, but the landlord’s instructions had been clear. They stopped in the foyer and collected the key from the post box set in the wall among a dozen or so others in neat rows. He pushed the button to call the lift and waited for the metallic noise of chains being hoisted over a pulley whilst the passenger cart came trundling down. Inside it was rather small and smelt of copper polish. The gleaming railings were evidence of somebody’s diligent attention to detail. All afternoon he had been waiting to kiss her once more and the privacy and confines of the lift cubicle afforded him the opportunity to lean over and brush his lips against her mouth gently. She did not withdraw and instead parted her lips just enough to invite him to find her tongue with his. The kiss lasted the briefest of moments as the lift reached the fourth floor and announced its destination with a muffled “ding” whilst the doors rattled open. She stepped out of the lift into the small hallway. There were three doors and she took a moment to locate the right number above the door to the apartment on her left. She walked ahead, with the key in hand whilst he followed, carrying her small red overnight bag. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but it afforded him the opportunity to look at her. Her soft emerald blouse tucked neatly into the waistband of her black slacks. Her heels clicked on the polished red floor. Maybe it was nerves or maybe it was just the inconvenience of an unfamiliar lock, but she fumbled with the key for a moment. He probably would have too. He was excited at being so close to her - finally. He stood behind her and could smell her perfume and her hair. She was beautiful. Even in slight heels she was a few inches shorter than him. Then again, he was over six feet tall, so it wasn’t really a surprise. She was slender and moved gracefully as she pushed the door to the apartment open. The interior was smart and modern, belying the outside façade of the building. It was a small bachelor’s flat, with contemporary furnishings and a small balcony overlooking the street and the gardens below with the mountain in the distance. A small desk sat in front of the window as if inviting one to sit and stare at the world outside or maybe write wistful stories in a diary. She was instantly drawn to the view and walked towards the window. He put the suitcase down by the queen-sized bed that dominated the middle third of the room and followed her. She opened the window and let the gentle breeze drift in from outside, carrying the sounds of the city with it. He stood behind her and smelt her perfume as the air flowed past her,blowing her auburn locks over her soft chiffon blouse. Without a word he wrapped his arms around her and leaned in to kiss her in her neck. For the briefest of moments, she froze. He could feel the muscles in her lithe body grow tense. Then she tilted her head back and cradled it against his shoulder. He understood it to be an invitation and brushed his lips over her throat whilst he placed his hands around her waist and pulled her closer towards him. It felt like he had been waiting forever for this moment. Technically it was true, he had never held her before, never shared a single moment like this with her before. It was perfect. She turned around to look at him. Her expression was a mixture of desire and doubt. She wanted more, much more and she knew he did too, but this cried out against every reasonable, rational instinct she knew she should be feeling. They had met only hours ago, even though it felt like she’d known him for years. He saw her inner turmoil and calmed it with a kiss. He ran his fingers through her hair and gently cocked her head backwards as his mouth found hers again. She parted her perfect red lips as if his tongue was wine. The kiss lingered. He really could not say for how long, but it was a moment that would not allow itself to be rushed. A sensation of bliss surged through both their bodies, as they felt calmness in each other’s arms. Without breaking away from her lips, he ran his hands down over her shoulders and spine and lingered in the small of her back, before spreading his palms over her bum. He closed his eyes and smiled. Then he traced his fingertips along her hips and up her sides until he reached the gentle curve of her breasts. He sought permission in her face and found it in the hint of a smile. He deftly unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and each one after that, until he could spread the soft material open over her lace bra and kiss as much of her tender, exposed breast as the bra would allow. He slipped the blouse over her shoulders and let it drop onto the desk by the window. The bra was beautiful. She was beautiful. He wanted her. He wanted to push her down on the desk and take her in front of the open window. He wanted to see her naked body and devour it with lust. He wanted to have her naked and bent over so he could thrust himself into her. He wanted to feel himself fill her up as he pushed inside of her. He wanted to feel her clench around him and her hard nipples brush against his skin, but he dared not rush it. She was like a precious fragile gift that needed careful unwrapping. She turned around once more to face the window and stepped out of her heels, kicking them aside. She was not a short woman, but now, leaning back against him, her head reached up to his chest. She could feel his hands on her body and she could sense he was fighting the urge to clench his long fingers over her waist and claim her. Instead they found the zip of her black slacks and pulled it down slowly. With each millimetre it revealed her naked skin and the black G-string she was wearing. It drove him wild. When the zip could go no further he simply let her slacks slip down her legs and pool around her feet. She was more exposed than she had ever been with any stranger. Yet he did not feel like a stranger. His hands roamed over her body, over the lacey bra and down over her navel until the tip of his fingers traced the edge of her panty. He ran his fingertips over the intricate black pattern. She drew a short sharp breath as he slipped his hand down between her legs. She closed her eyes, to savour the moment and the sensation of his intimate touch. Her mind raced through a myriad of possibilities and scenarios. This was the first time she would let him see her like this and touch her like this. She could feel his desire for her was equal to the longing she felt for him to take her, but she restrained herself. When she opened her eyes she saw their reflection in the full length mirror she had not noticed before. He was watching her in the mirror. His eyes were following every curve of her semi-naked body. Her skin, contrasted against the black lace that only served to emphasise her alluring figure. He had slipped his hand inside the panty and was rubbing his fingers over her wet and very sensitive clit. She moaned almost imperceptibly and grinded her bum against his groin. She whimpered slightly when he moved his hands to undo the clasp of her bra so that the the lacey cups could glide down over her beautiful breasts. He made sure they brush against her hard nipples as she stood motionless, as if frozen in the moment. This moment was more than either of them had dared to hope for and somehow it was more than they could have dreamt. Perfect. He admired her in the mirror and he could feel his eyes on her. He watched her tilt her head back even more as if to offer herself to him. He was taking his time to undress her. He removed each layer of clothing gingerly as if any careless motion could break the spell. Finally he took her by the hand and led her to the bed where she lay down without a word. Her eyes locked on his. His started kissing her again. His lips felt warm on hers and in the curve of her neck and on her bare shoulder as they wove a slow and winding path over her nude body… down over the subtle rise of breast and closing softly over her erect nipple. She knew where he was heading and the anticipation was killing her. Her body yearned for him to hurry up and strip the last bit of lace from her, but at the same time she wanted the moment to last forever. Finally, his lips and hands reached the top of her panty simultaneously. He was surprised at how hesitant he felt. He wanted nothing more than to have her naked before him. He longed to see her. He wanted to feel her and taste her, but yet at that very moment he lingered a little uncertain whether he dared to fulfill his desires. It was as if she read his mind. He kissed her skin and then moved his mouth down over the lace. He could feel her warmth against his lips as she lifted her hips towards him in an unspoken encouragement to slip the g-string off. He crooked two fingers into the elastic on either side of her hips and started to pull it down slowly over her thighs and down her slender legs. Once he had dropped it to the floor beside the bed, she lay back down and slid her fingers nimbly through his hair and pulled his head down towards her. He knew she wanted him as much as he longed for her. With a gentle motion he let two fingers glide into her, whilst his thumb found its own way. She parted her legs just enough so he could lower his mouth onto her and slide the tip of his tongue over her wet, throbbing clit. Any hesitation faded away along with the city noises outside the window, which by now had become a reassuring murmur in the afternoon. Her body writhed eagerly as she let herself indulge in the fantasy that was becoming a reality. He pushed her legs aside even more and mimicked her rhythm with his mouth on her. He could feel her velvet softness and warmth on his tongue. His hands were clasped over her hips and every so often, just to tease her and test her desire, he would break away momentarily to kiss her thighs. It may have been a quarter of an hour or even longer before he looked up at her again. She smiled at him silently and then blinked very slowly. He lay down beside her naked body and wrapped her in his arms. There was no need for reciprocity in the moment. That could wait. For now he just wanted to savour the afterglow of what had just happened. Later, walking to his office in the cool autumn afternoon, he glanced back towards the apartment building and the balcony fourth floor, facing the narrow street. In his mind’s eye he could peer through the window and see her gorgeous body asleep on the crisp white linen on the bed. Soon he would have her again and he would have even more of her. Soon.

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