Written by ddd1

19 Dec 2012

hi this story is true .one night when i was on the site a couple told me that they want a single guy for saterday night . i started to chat with them and they told me that i must cum. on saterday afternoon i start to get ready and i went to thier house. on my ariavel the lady of the house open the door for me and siad her name is chantel a blond nice biuld and good looking i went in with her and i saw her husband (fred ) and another couple (elize and ben) next to them was a guy and girl but not a couple only single poeple like me they were( jack and ruby ) after we all chat and braaied we went to living room and fred stand up and say that ruby and he wil go to room they want to be alone then he siad his wife is available for any one. elize and ben started kissing each other and jack jiont them so chantel is sitting alone on the other couch watching jack elize and ben i go sit next to her and start kissing her we kissed and then before ben and elize and jack could be naked me and chantel was already naked she start sucking my cock and it was starting to stand up hard she suck me like it felt i was giong to explode then she stop look up at me and siad your turn i went down on her sucking her till she was wet al over jack was already busy to fucjking elize while ben was sucked by elize . ben then saw chantel is screaming and came over to put his cock in her mouth elize was a girl that could not laast long so after jack had her cum twice she put her jeans and blouse back on jac also came over so now we was 3 men fucking chantel i was sucking her when she siad i must stop i saw ben lying under her and she was lying with her back towards him show her nice shaven pussy to me jack was standing up over her with his cock in her mouth she then siad to ben he must put his cock in her ass and i must put mine in her pussy he fuck her like that and then fred came out of the bedroom saw that al 3 of us was on his wife and ran for a video camara he recorded the hole thing we fucked chantel for about 1 hour jack cummed firt in her ass it was flowwing out of her ass then i cummed in her mouth and ben in her pussy elize and ruby was so horny again fred told them they must suck the cum off chantel and they did that night was awsome and we had fun